Be a 2012 Co-op of the Month

As CHF BC celebrates the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives (IYC) in 2012, we will highlight a Co-op of the Month each month to show how housing co-ops are co-operative enterprises that make a better world.

Our featured co-op in December is Ford Road Housing Co-op in Vancouver.

Our other 2012 Co-ops of the Month so far:

February - Huntington Place Housing Co-op
March - Paloma Housing Co-op
April - Quebec Manor Housing Co-op
May - Pheasant Meadows Housing Co-op
June - Pacific Heights Housing Co-op
July - Garry Point Housing Co-op
August - Twin Rainbows Housing Co-op
September - Misty Ridge Housing Co-op
October - Marigold Housing Co-op
November - Marine Court Housing Co-op.

We believe all of our member housing co-ops are examples of successful co-operative enterprises.  But tell us what makes your co-op a great example.

Is your co-op the next Co-op of the Month? Send an email to and tell us:

  1. What’s special about your co-op that you would want the world to know?
  2. How is your co-op an example of how co-operative enterprises build a better world?

If we pick your co-op to be a featured Co-op of the Month, you will be profiled on our website, highlighted on our Facebook page, and we’ll spread the news of your story wider via Twitter.  We will also invite mainstream media to learn more about your co-op as an example of how co-op enterprises build a better world in this International Year of Co-operatives. We also have plans to create a poster with photos of the 2012 featured co-ops to create a lasting legacy of this historic year.