CHF BC's IYC 2012 Toolkit

Did you know that co-operatives are a powerful global force?  In 2009 the United Nations declared 2012 to be the International Year of Co-operatives (IYC). Around the world, one billion co-op members in 90 countries will celebrate. And your co-op can too!

You can get promotional materials for IYC from the FlagShop in Vancouver.

Together with CHF Canada, CHF BC has hung an IYC banner on our Fraser Street office building. The two organizations, together with Vancity, hung banners on two Skytrain overpasses in May and June 2012. And watch for the banners going up on housing co-ops and at co-op celebrations across the province.

Here are just some ways you can get involved in the celebrations:

1. Tell us why your co-op is a great example of the IYC slogan:

The slogan of IYC 2012 is "co-operative enterprises build a better world".  Tell us why your co-op is a great example of this slogan and tell us what you would like the world to know about your co-op. You may be chosen to be a featured co-op of the month on our website, Facebook, and we'll tell your story to the mainstream media.  If your co-op has plans to celebrate IYC we'd like to know about those too.  For more information see our co-op of the month page or contact Fiona Jackson for more information:

2. Join a co-op cluster:

Connect with housing co-ops in your neighbourhood to plan a local IYC celebration or take part in community celebrations.

Contact Fiona Jackson at CHF BC 604-879-5111 (1-866-879-5111) extension 139 or to make contact with the housing co-op cluster in your area. If your neighbourhood is not on this list yet, let us know and we'll add it! 

Areas where we've heard from co-ops interested in starting a "co-op cluster":

  • Richmond-West (Steveston)
  • Richmond Centre
  • Richmond-East
  • Burnaby Mountain
  • Burnaby South
  • Vancouver-Champlain Heights
  • Vancouver-Commercial Drive South
  • Vancouver-Trout Lake

Resources for co-op clusters:

Once you’ve connected with your neighbouring co-ops, get in touch with CHF BC and we can help you connect with other co-op organizations – like credit unions or co-operative businesses  - who may be able to help you with your celebration. We can also direct you to various community celebrations and festivals where you might find other ways to celebrate IYC 2012. 

3. Get involved in the Co-op Youth Story Project:

Send co-op youth and/or tell your co-op's story in this youth-driven project.

4. See CHF Canada's 12 ways you and your co-op can get involved.

5. Sign up for the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA)'s 2012 Matters e-newsletter for all the latest news about IYC IYC 2012 announced in the House of Commons

The launch of IYC 2012:

Co-ops across the country kicked off IYC 2012 on Thursday, January 12, 2012 in a Canada-wide launch. From  Iqualuit to Ottawa to Vancouver, co-operators marked the year of celebration and others watched the webcast of the launch.

Check back here for the latest:

Watch for our e-news updates and check back here. We'll continue to post the latest information about opportunities to celebrate throughout the year. Happy 2012!