Blog Entry 27 Election Campaign 2013:

Four Sites and political foresight

(VANCOUVER) Every once in a while during an election campaign, you get a chance to stop talking about ideas and policies and point to something concrete (or wood-frame) and say: “Now this is what I’m talkin’ about!” That happened today when CHF BC got the news that the Four Sites Project will be going to Vancouver City Council on May 15. This project embodies everything we’ve been talking about during our “You Hold the Key” election campaign. If it’s approved, it will create 355 quality, affordable homes for a wide range of people – families, seniors, low-income and people with mental illness. And 161 of those units are in the brand new Fraserview Housing Co-op.  It’s a model of what can happen when non-profit organizations get together and work with the private sector and civic government to make things happen. And it won’t cost taxpayers a nickel. The only question this project begs is this:

What could we collectively accomplish if we had the provincial government at the table to the same extent as the City of Vancouver? Could we build similar projects all over the province? We think so. It’s been a grand day for the campaign – a day where you can see how we can unlock the solution.

Don Hauka, Election Campaign Coordinator 2013 (May 9, 2013)

Vancouver Sun, May 9, 2013