Blog Entry 28 Election Campaign 2013

Candidates perform Pas de chat in Swan Lake riding

(VICTORIA) CHF BC Shadow Candidate Phil Brown found the trio of Victoria-Swan Lake candidates more on point last night at the all-candidates’ meeting at Garth Homer Centre. Here’s Phil’s liner notes to the delicate political ballet...

“Same candidates: Rob Fleming (NDP), Christina Bates (BC Liberals) and Spencer Malthouse (Green Party of B.C.).

“Responses to our question re: committing to replace federal subsidy if the feds weasel out of it.

The Green's candidate answered first and he said yes, but it is a federal issue... Bates’ message was the BC Liberals were doing so much to provide affordable housing already... makes you wonder why we have a housing affordability crisis at all, doesn't it?

“Fleming certainly seemed sympathetic and regretted not knowing everything about the particular issue the CHF BC question referred to... Mr. Fleming also hit a very big nail squarely on the head, in my opinion, when he stressed that it was so important to not lose existing affordable housing as well as build more units of affordable housing stock. He alone did show an understanding that without subsidy for the occupants of those units, that directly and negatively affects the stock of affordable housing in B.C.

“All in all a better night and I hope that CHF BC do connect with and inform Rob Fleming at some time, he seems more than willing to be educated and in my opinion already showed greater awareness of the likely effects of low income co-op housing members losing subsidy and those co-ops losing the ability to offer homes to people requiring subsidy.

“I'll sign off on this novel now! Good night.”

- Phil Brown, CHF BC director and shadow candidate election campaign 2013 (May 10, 2013)