Blog Entry 31 Election Campaign 2013

By George, I think they’ve got it – or have they?

Now, you would think – you’d think! – what with all those Greens, BC Liberals and BC Conservatives signing up, supporting the CHF BC “You Hold the Key” campaign, you’d think the New Democrats would be eager to pile on, prove their co-op cred and ask for a set of 85 pins, one for each of their candidates.

You’d be wrong. The NDP are somewhat reluctant to commit provincial funds to rent support programs for co-ops when their operating agreements with the federal government end. CHF BC’s Shadow Candidates have asked NDP hopefuls in many ridings what their position is and even buttonholed leader Adrian Dix – to no avail.

So, in one last attempt to provoke some kind of direct response, we sent out the pledge form to every NDP candidate in the province. To date, we have received two responses. Here they are...

“Dear Don Hauka:

Thank you for your email regarding the effects of federal cuts to co-op housing rent support. You will receive a response on behalf of all candidates from our central campaign.

Best regards,

George Heyman  賀佐治

BC NDP candidate, Vancouver-Fairview.”


“Dear Mr. Hauka,

Thank you for your email advising of the Cooperative Housing Federation of BC “You Hold the Key” campaign.  The notion of a signed pledge form certainly focuses the attention on the issues and options for action.  As indicated by the pledge, the issues relate to long term stable funding and the establishment of effective partnerships with the co-op housing sector and both municipal and federal government levels. 

The BC NDP platform includes several commitments to address poverty and inequality, including a commitment to expand affordable housing.  Details are provided in our platform statement.  In particular the BC NDP plans to expand affordable housing by building up to 1,500 units of affordable non-profit, co-operative and rental housing for low and moderate income families, seniors and individuals each year by leveraging the existing $250 million Housing Endowment Fund to support partnerships and equity contributions with local governments, the private sector, and the non-profit and co-operative housing sectors.  The BC NDP will also strengthen and rebalance the Residential Tenancy Act and Manufactured Home Act to better protect tenants and landlords.

Thanks for bringing the CHF BC issues to my attention.  


Chris Wilson, NDP Candidate

Coquitlam – Burke Mountain”

Well, close, folks, but no cigar – er, pin. But what’s this? I hear rumblings from over on the Island. An incoming report from Patty Shaw! Stay tuned, folks...

Don Hauka, CHF BC Election Campaign Coordinator 2013 (May 10, 2013)