Blog Entry 32 Election Campaign 2013

Another Patty pinning (pending)

(VICTORIA) Vancouver Island Shadow Candidate Patty Shaw met with NDP candidate and campaign co-chair Carole James this morning. And guess what? Well, let Patty tell you...

Hi Don,

I had a nice meeting with Carole this morning. She is a firm supporter of co-ops and finding a way to provide the subsidy that will soon end... if they are elected she will ensure that the issue of co-ops and subsidy is on the agenda of the premiers' conference. She feels strongly that all premiers need to make co-op housing a priority. She will contact her head office to see if she can sign the pledge form and call me...


Well, not to prejudge what NDP HQ will say, but we rather look at it the same way Elections BC looks at Christy Clark’s ballot: if the intent is clear, it counts. So let’s congratulate Patty on her im-pinding success! Keep up the good work!

Don Hauka, Election Campaign Coordinator 2013 (May 10, 2013)