Blog Entry 35 Election Campaign 2013

Patty’s persuasiveness pots two pins at one event

(VICTORIA) Maybe it was the waterfront ambiance, maybe it was the lips-mackin food or perhaps Patty Shaw’s sheer persuasiveness, but NDP MP Murray Rankin signed the supporter pledge and was pinned at today’s event at Waterside Co-op, along with the Conservative candidate for Saanich South, Josh Galbraith.

Waterside Co-op is set right on the Gorge: there’s an otter-run right below it. Our host, Mitch Mackin, the co-op treasurer, is our tour guide and he’s arranged a great lunch so we can have a real meal instead of just chewing over the issues. Not that we don’t do that, and Murray’s totally on board -- wants to work with CHF BC post-election on all our issues. He enthusiastically signs the Supporter pledge and gets pinned by Patty (who’s getting a lot of practice at this). Josh gets pinned too – a very bright, articulate young candidate who has just finished university. So, two pins at one event – that’s a record. And it’s especially significant that a sitting NDP Member of Parliament is behind the campaign. Perhaps Murray should have a chat with his provincial counterparts...


Photo: Waterside Treasurer Mitch Mackin, together with Murray Rankin NDP MP and Josh Galbraith, BC Conservative candidate, co-op member Judy Campbell, and our shadow candidate Patty Shaw.