Blog Entry 37 Election Campaign 2013:

Vote – your co-op community needs you!

Today is E-Day. The Advance Poll results show a surge of people in B.C. voting early. But many prognosticators are forecasting that almost half of you who are entitled to cast a ballot won’t bother. And that’s a shame.

There’s a lot that can be said about voter apathy – how we seem to have forgotten that people all over the world are fighting and dying for a right we take for granted and all-too often squander. Or how, in Canadian history, people have struggled, died and suffered imprisonment for the right to elect their own representatives.

The fact of the matter is, right now, your fellow co-op members need you to get out there and exercise your franchise. You need to vote for the candidate you think will best represent your interests. One who knows about the challenges facing co-operative communities as well as the enormous potential of the co-op model to solve the affordable housing crisis that faces our province.

Throughout this campaign, we’ve been reminding political candidates that “You Hold the Key” to preserving safe, affordable housing in B.C. for thousands of low-income families, seniors and people with disabilities. Well, today the key is in your hand. Help us unlock the solution – vote! Prove you care and the prognosticators wrong. You’ll be glad you did.

Don Hauka, CHF BC Election Campaign Coordinator 2013 (May 14, 2013)