Blog Entry 39 Election Campaign 2013

That’s a wrap – and now the real work starts...

They braved cougar alerts, all-candidate free-for-alls and meetings designed to numb the voters’ brains along the campaign trail.

And through it all, the CHF BC Shadow Candidate Team did a fabulous job of reminding candidates from all parties that they hold the key to keeping co-op members in their homes. Their dedication, commitment and passion have put the plight of Section 95 co-op communities squarely on the political radar and opened the eyes of many to the immense potential of the co-operative housing model.

I am extremely proud of our team, who pinned, pledged, tweeted, blogged and button-holed hundreds of candidates over the last 28 days. They met with party leaders and political heavy-hitters (including Premier Christy Clark, NDP leader Adrian Dix, and Rich Coleman). They took the time to give those without a voice a say because they’re concerned about their neighbours and their communities if expiring federal assistance is not replaced. I want to thank all of them and everyone at CHF BC for making the You Hold the Key campaign a success.

Now that the BC Liberals have been handed the keys to power, they need to use them to unlock the solution to keeping low-income, senior and disabled British Columbians in their homes. The real work starts now: reminding the newly-elected government of the commitments they made during the election campaign. The votes may be all counted, but we will continue to follow up with the new government and find solutions to the challenges facing so many co-op communities.

And thanks to all the co-op communities who opened their doors to us and to the candidates during the campaign. Special thanks to the folks at Lakewood Terrace Co-op where we kicked off our campaign, as well as Geoff Shakespeare at H.W. Flesher and Mitch Mackin at Waterside Co-op. And to all of you who told us your stories on video, in emails and in person, thank you! You were the fuel for the campaign engine. Your stories touched us and I know they touched the candidates as well.

I’ve really enjoyed working with the whole CHF BC team, the dozens of co-op members I’ve met and our federal partners, CHF Canada. For now, it’s over and out from Election Central. But stay tuned for updates from our follow up campaign.

Don Hauka, Election Campaign Coordinator, CHF BC (May 15, 2013)

Photo: Shadow candidates Patty Shaw (Island Director and Kailasa Co-op member) and Yuri Artibise (Director and Athletes Village Co-op member) display the campaign key at our Semi-Annual General Meeting on May 4.