Blog Entry Five Election Campaign 2013

(VANCOUVER). News 1130, one of the 24 hour radio stations, is hosting one hour Twitter chats with each of the leaders of the Conservatives, Greens, Liberals and NDP. Anyone can submit a question and we have a great one we've developed for the all candidates' meetings. The trouble is, Twitter messages can only be 140 characters including spaces and our question is a bit longer than that. 

So, we have some compressing to do and a haiku seems the way to do it.  Below is my poor effort; send us your best shot, funny, political, news-worthy, topical etc. We will publish the best and award coveted, limited edition CHF BC "You Hold the Key" lapel pins to the winners in any categories we decide to make up out of thin air.  Deadline extended! Email us your tweet by Monday, April 22, 4 pm:

Backsliding Feds
Rent assistance lost
Province holds the key - turn please