Blog Entry Four Election Campaign 2013

They don't seem to have any formal policy, Don. However, Rich Coleman, until the writ dropped the Liberal housing minister and the party's unchallenged authority on housing, and now Richard Lee in Burnaby, are suggesting making co-ops eligible for existing provincial rent assistance programs. These, as Coleman noted, would include SAFER, for seniors, and RAP, for families.

By themselves, these programs won't be sufficient, but this is certainly a start. It's also a recognition of the seriousness of the issue and the need for a provincial response in an area, housing, that is a provincial responsibility. It doesn’t really address the issue fully, but at the moment (and four days into the campaign) it's the only concrete commitment to provincial action that we've heard from anyone so far.

-Darren Kitchen, CHF BC director, government relations (April 19, 2013)