Blog Entry Fourteen Election Campaign 2013

(SOMEWHERE IN CYBERSPACE) CHF BC’s Yuri Artibise is doing double duty as our Shadow Candidate in both Vancouver-False Creek and Point Grey during the campaign and he’s used to having to be in two places at the same time. So when we asked him to tweet BC Green Party leader Jane Sterk during her Twitter Chat on News1130, he stepped up to the plate even though he was attending the Vancouver-Point Grey all-candidate’s meeting in Kits. The social media maven (Yuri has 5,624 followers on Twitter) sent three tweets into Sterk and still had time to quiz the Point Grey candidates at Saint James Hall in Kitsilano. He even managed to use Government Relations Director Darren Kitchen’s Housing Haiku in one of his tweets.

Here are Yuri’s tweets:

“Do the @BCGreens agree co-op housing holds one of the keys to building a stock of affordable, quality housing in BC?”

“When are the @BCGreens going to release details of your #housing platform?”

“Backsliding Feds, Rent assistance lost, Province holds the key - turn please...”

Yuri got a reply from the BC Greens (but not directly from Sterk):

“We love #coophousing many #gpbc members live in and help start #coophousing, we need more!” the BC Greens tweeted, adding in another post: “We need 2 expand r economy to include more #coops and more social enterprises.”

The Greens have yet to give any kind of detailed response as a party to the challenges faced by co-ops whose operating agreements with the federal government end within the next few years. But Yuri has an update on that, too (check out the previous blog entry).

Don Hauka, CHF BC Election Campaign Coordinator, 2013 (April 26, 2013)