Blog Entry Nineteen Election Campaign 2013

Adrian Dix and All the President Women

(VANCOUVER-KINGSWAY) Our presidential pair of Shadow Candidates, Isabel and Anne, finally tracked down the elusive NDP leader Adrian Dix last night at the Vancouver-Kingsway all-candidates meeting. Collingwood House was packed, but Isabel and Anne had the CHF BC question on support for co-ops in the wake of the federal retreat from the housing file read to the candidates: Dix, Greg Essau (Green Party) and Gurgit Dhillon (BC Liberal candidate). Here’s Isabel’s take:

“Gurgit Dhillon really didn't know too much and had to refer to the BC Liberals’ handbook for most answers. She also thought that we had dental care in BC as part of MSP...

“Greg Essau was hilarious. He didn't know too much either although he had a great sense of humour. He kept saying how much he loved the Green Party's policies although he never got around to telling us what the policies were.

“Adrian answered all the questions well. He was very knowledgeable. He was the only one who knew anything about housing co-ops and said that co-ops had to be at the centre of any housing program and that his government would be happy to work in partnership with cities and the federation to plan and build new co-ops. Although he did not say exactly what the plan would be for rent subsidy he implied that they would be willing to work on keeping our members in their homes. It was obvious that Adrian knew his riding and was loved by the people there. Listening to him made me wish I lived in his community.”

- Don Hauka, CHF BC Election Campaign Coordinator 2013 (May 3, 2013)