Blog Entry Ten, Election Campaign 2013:

(VICTORIA) Braving cougar alerts and a dark and stormy night (at least, an evening full of changeable political winds), Juan de Fuca CHF BC Shadow Candidate Patty Shaw made it to the all candidates meeting last night in Langford at Spencer Middle School. She files this report:

“I attended an all-candidates meeting last night in Langford and successfully asked the question (about provincial support for rental assistance). The Liberal candidate (Kerrie Reay) knew nothing about co-op housing and did not answer my question, the NDP candidate (John Horgan) responded at length about the NDP's historic support of co-op housing but didn't commit to supporting co-ops when their operating agreements end, and the Green candidate (Carlos Serra) openly supported co-op housing and said they would do whatever they could to help. In the end, no surprises.”

That makes the score so far this campaign Greens one, NDP, BC Liberals and BC Conservatives tied at naught. We’ll see what our Shadow Candidate Yuri Artibise comes up with at tonight’s False Creek Residents Association Candidates Meeting (7 pm, Creekside Community Centre, 1 Athletes Way) in Vancouver-False Creek. 

- Don Hauka, CHF BC Election Campaign Coordinator, 2013 (April 24, 2013)