Blog Entry Thirteen Election Campaign 2013

(VANCOUVER-POINT GREY) This just in from CHF BC’s Yuri Artibise, Shadow Candidate for Vancouver-Point Grey (and Vancouver-False Creek):

“The Point Grey meeting went all right. I was able to ask a question about coop funding (only a few were accepted), but again most candidates weren't aware enough of the topic to answer fully. The Green Party candidate, Francoise Raunet, was the most supportive as she grew up in a coop and would love to find one for her and her family. I talked with her a bit afterwards and gave her a pin for her support.

“(NDP candidate) David Eby reiterated the NDPs support for affordable housing, but could not answer specifically. He did show an interest in the May 4th (CHF BC’s Election Housing Forum) all-candidates meeting... I am planning on following up with him and Duane Nickull, the BC Conservative candidate (who also asked for more info) in an email.  I will also be following up with Sam and Matt in False Creek.”

That means we have our very first party candidate officially pinned! That makes the You Hold the Key election pin sweepstakes score Greens one, other parties, nada. Come on, folks – we know you want to help low-income families, seniors and those with mobility issues stay in their homes. Take the pledge and get your pin today!

- Don Hauka, CHF BC Election Campaign Coordinator, 2013 (April 26, 2013)