Blog Entry Three Election Campaign 2013: Image: “Strong Economy, Secure Tomorrow” cover.

(VANCOUVER) The mission is to find the word “housing” in the BC Liberal Party campaign platform, “Strong Economy, Secure Tomorrow”. Hmmm... lots here about Liquefied Natural Gas... more on mining... lots of beautiful pictures. Charts! Maybe it’s in here... no. Ahah! Section three: “Building a Safe, Clean, Healthy and Affordable B.C.” Gotta be in here... Crime and Justice stats... water sustainability... how to fix the health care system... Well, it’s all very laudable, I’m sure, but where are all these safe, healthy people (who, presumably all work in LNG plants or mines) going to actually live?

Perhaps under “Affordable”. That would make sense. After all, that’s one of the key things CHF BC’s working on this campaign – making sure the rent-geared-to-income programs that currently make the homes of thousands of co-op members affordable continue. So... ah, low taxes, low debt, balanced budgets...oh! More charts. Lots of them (proof that you can have your pie chart and eat it too). Maybe it’s here... no, this is how to keep the B.C. Ferries afloat. Nice pictures of different dancers from various cultural backgrounds... Premier Clark draped in the B.C. flag... oops. That’s the end of the platform. Well, I wonder exactly what their policy is, then? Perhaps Darren can enlighten me. Darren?

P.S.: One CHF BC "you hold the key" pin to anyone who can find a housing policy in this document: email, tweet, Facebook your answer...

- Don Hauka, CHF BC Election Campaign Coordinator, 2013 (April 19, 2013)