Blog Entry Twenty Election Campaign 2013

Conservative leader moved by housing haiku

(SOMEWHERE IN THE TWITTERSPHERE) We’ve pinned Jane at a party, courted Christy at a car lot and dropped in on Dix in his den. But what about BC Conservative leader John Cummins? CHF BC’s Shadow Candidates have done an outstanding job of tracking down the leaders of the main political parties during our “You Hold the Key” campaign. But Cummins has been playing hard to get – until now. Last night, the BC Conservative leader heard a little bird tweet in his ear and responded positively to the call. Cummins was holding a Twitter Chat on News1130 when Shadow Candidate Yuri Artibise sent the following tweet out (using, it should be noted, Government Relations Director Darren Kitchen’s “housing haiku” from last week).

“Backsliding Feds, Rent assistance lost, Province holds the key - turn please @ElectJohn #YourVote #coophousing #BCCP @chfbc” Yuri tweeted.

ElectJohn May 02, 7:17pm via Web

Cummins responded moments later:

“ElectJohn: @YuriArtibise @chfbc Absolutely. As an MP, I worked to ensure that co-op housing remains a viable option in BC. #YourVote.”

So that makes it a nice, tidy quartet. For the record, only Green Leader Jane Sterk has pledged unequivocally to support provincial funding for rent assistance for co-ops whose federal operating agreements are expiring. While Cummins’ response was positive, he has yet to be pinned down on this issue...

Don Hauka, CHF BC Election Campaign Coordinator 2013 (May 3, 2013)