Blog Entry Twenty-Five Election Campaign 2013

Candidates dance around questions at Swan Lake

(VICTORIA) While it may have been clear and sunny outside the Burnside Gorge Community Centre just a stone’s throw from Cecelia Ravine Park yesterday, our Shadow Candidate Phil Brown found the atmosphere inside distinctly foggy. Phil, who is also one of CHF BC’s Vancouver Island directors, was doggedly determined to get some answers from the candidates, but was getting little co-operation...

“Made it out to the Victoria-Swan Lake all-candidates meeting tonight. The three candidates (Rob Fleming NDP, Christina Bates, BC Liberal and Spencer Malthouse, BC Green Party) I have to say, when I asked the CHF BC question, none of them actually answered the question, instead choosing to stickhandle around it.”

Fear not – Phil gets another crack at them Thursday night at the Garth Homer Society, 813 Darwin Ave at 6:30 p.m. Co-Sponsored by the Hillside Quadra Neighborhood Action Group, Camosun Community Association, Quadra Cedar Hill Community Association, the meeting will be moderated by Stephen Andrew, Legislature Reporter- Anchor for CTV News, Vancouver Island. Go get ‘em, Phil! 

Don Hauka, Election Campaign Coordinator 2013 (May 8, 2013)