Blog Entry Twenty-one Election Campaign 2013:

Big plans pondered in Mount Pleasant

It was a packed house at the Ray Cam all-candidates forum on Thursday as well, with six candidates showing up for the Mount Pleasant meeting. NDP incumbent Jenny Kwan and Barinder Hans from the Green Party were joined by others (but alas, not the BC Liberal candidate). CHF BC Shadow Candidate Haruko Okano was there and sent this report:

“The housing question was asked from several different perspectives ranging from shelters, social housing, care for seniors (long term care facilities that are culturally sensitive), seniors in-home assistance and co-op housing. We did get to ask the candidates what they planned to do about the 2020 housing crisis when co-ops lose their subsidy from the federal government. Jenny Kwan obviously knows her community of Mount Pleasant, Strathcona, Grandview Woodland well as she was the most articulate. The NDP are planning several moves but she warned that they won't all get done at the same time and that there will be some adjustments made but they would get started. Return of the housing registry, a senior's representative in the upper levels of government, money put into social housing and working with co-ops, non profit housing organizations to look at ways to secure affordable housing and also that it would include middle income earners as well. She said the NDP would work to get the federal government back to the table on the housing issue...

“The Green Party, the Independent and the Communist Party didn’t have an actual affordable housing plan or strategy. Much of their comment doesn't sound realistic or well thought through.”

Don Hauka, CHF BC Election Campaign Coordinator 2013 (May 3, 2013)