Blog Entry Twenty-three Election Campaign 2013:

Four parties, one blueprint at CHF BC Housing Forum:


It was a co-op love-in at CHF BC’s Election Campaign Housing Forum in Burnaby on Saturday. Reps from the BC Conservatives, BC Greens, BC Liberals and the NDP put aside their differences and showed surprising unanimity on two key questions that were posed: how the parties would build more co-operative housing and whether or not they would commit provincial funding for rent assistance programs for co-ops whose federal housing agreements are ending. Not often you see Sam Sullivan and Shane Simpson in agreement. Check out our story.

- Don Hauka, CHF BC Election Campaign Coordinator 2013 (May 6, 2013)

Photo: Party representatives Sam Sullivan (BC Liberals, Van-False Creek), Rick McGowan (BC Green Party, Burnaby-Deer Lake), Shane Simpson (NDP, Van-Hastings) and Rajiv Pandey (BC-Cons, Van-Fraserview) together with CHF BC shadow candidates (back-row), Patty Shaw, Isabel Evans, Don Clancy, Yuri Artibise, Deena Szostak, Haruko Okano and Anne Davidson.