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Election 2013

Blog Entry 39 Election Campaign 2013

That’s a wrap – and now the real work starts...

They braved cougar alerts, all-candidate free-for-alls and meetings designed to numb the voters’ brains along the campaign trail.

Blog Entry 37 Election Campaign 2013:

Vote – your co-op community needs you!

Today is E-Day. The Advance Poll results show a surge of people in B.C. voting early. But many prognosticators are forecasting that almost half of you who are entitled to cast a ballot won’t bother. And that’s a shame.

Blog Entry 36 Election Campaign 2013

Voting poll shocks the (Survey) Monkey...

Blog Entry 35 Election Campaign 2013

Patty’s persuasiveness pots two pins at one event

(VICTORIA) Maybe it was the waterfront ambiance, maybe it was the lips-mackin food or perhaps Patty Shaw’s sheer persuasiveness, but NDP MP Murray Rankin signed the supporter pledge and was pinned at today’s event at Waterside Co-op, along with the Conservative candidate for Saanich South, Josh Galbraith.

Blog Entry 34 Election Campaign 2013

Shakespeare’s garden party at H.W. Flesher

What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.
- Romeo and Juliet (2.2.45-7)

Blog Entry 33 Election Campaign 2013

A Lipsmackin’ movable munchies for mega-event down by the Waterside

Blog Entry 32 Election Campaign 2013

Another Patty pinning (pending)

(VICTORIA) Vancouver Island Shadow Candidate Patty Shaw met with NDP candidate and campaign co-chair Carole James this morning. And guess what? Well, let Patty tell you...

Hi Don,

Blog Entry 31 Election Campaign 2013

By George, I think they’ve got it – or have they?

Now, you would think – you’d think! – what with all those Greens, BC Liberals and BC Conservatives signing up, supporting the CHF BC “You Hold the Key” campaign, you’d think the New Democrats would be eager to pile on, prove their co-op cred and ask for a set of 85 pins, one for each of their candidates.

Blog Entry 30 Election Campaign 2013

When it comes to political candidates taking the pledge, what rhymes with NDP orange?

More political party candidates are taking the pledge to support the “You Hold the Key” election campaign. The latest wave had a distinctly green tinge to it with just a hint of Tory blue and BC Liberal red.