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EOA 2014

Blog Entry 221: Let's hit a home stretch home run and fix the co-op housing crunch in Budget 2016

We're in the home stretch with just a week before Budget Day 2016. Let's hit a home run and fix the co-op housing crunch. Send a message to your MP that the March 22 budget has to deliver on the government's promise to protect housing co-ops' low-income households. And while we're at it, let's keep the pressure on the province by showing some resolve! Pass a resolution supporting the campaign.

Blog Entry 220: Terry Beech hopeful on help for co-ops in Budget 2016

Jennifer Morneau is an enterprising reporter with the Burnaby Now who covers the co-op housing beat. She wanted to know if the federal budget would have funding for rent-geared-to-income subsidies for low-income co-op members. So what did she do? She asked her MP, of course. See what Terry Beech (Burnaby North-Seymour) told her.

Blog Entry 219: Get ready for B-Day March 22

Get ready: it's just two weeks until B-Day. On March 22, federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau unveils his 2016 budget. Make sure you land an email in your MP's in-box and let her or him know how vital it is to include federal funds to protect housing co-ops low-income households in that budget.

Blog Entry 218: Let your fingers do the talking...

Let your fingers do the talking and fix the co-op housing crunch in Budget 2016! The federal budget is being written right now. Finance Minister Bill Morneau needs to know how vital it is to include federal funds to protect housing co-ops low-income households. Send him and your MP a message using the CHF Canada web tool. Over 1,300 people have had their say via this easy-to-use online method.

Blog Entry 217: Ask your MP to protect affordable co-op homes!

There's an old saying: B.C. is only 3,000 miles from Ottawa, but Ottawa is 30,000 miles away from B.C. Your MP can seem a million miles away and hard to get hold of. But thanks to CHF Canada, your Member of Parliament is as close as your keyboard. Please use the web tool on their site to find your MP and send them the message that tens of thousands of co-op members are in serious danger of losing their affordable homes.

Blog Entry 216: Craigflower Co-op helps Key Campaign reach "Great Hundred" mark

The folks at Craigflower Co-op in Victoria have helped the Key Campaign reach another milestone. Theirs is the latest co-op to pass a motion supporting the You Hold the Key Campaign. That brings to 120 the number of housing co-ops that have show some resolve to fix the co-op housing crunch. Those 120 co-ops represent 7,265 households -- many of them composed of seniors, people with disabilities and others who need help. And 120 is not just an impressive number, in the old days, it was known as "a great hundred" (basically a hundred of  20s, or a score).

Blog Entry 215: Key campaign budget reaction gets blanket coverage

The You Hold the Key Campaign's reaction to the B.C. budget covered all the bases today. You can listen to CHF BC Executive Director Thom Armstrong explaining why the government needs to do more to address a growing affordable housing deficit on Fairchild TV (he makes his comments starting at 1:17).

Blog Entry 214: Balanced B.C. budget doesn't address affordable housing deficit

B.C.’s budget may balance on paper, but it doesn’t do enough to address a growing affordable housing deficit. That's CHF BC Executive Director Thom Armstrong's take on today's budget tabled in the legislature by Finance Minister Mike de Jong (pictured below). You can read the rest of Thom's take right here on our website.

Blog Entry 213: Reply to the Speech from the Throne with a tweet from your home

Today Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon (pictured below) opened the new session of the B.C. Legislature with the speech from the Throne and you know what that means? It means all your MLAs are in the same house and easy to contact. Why not send them a tweet from your home -- or maybe an email or letter -- urging them to act now to prevent seniors, people with disabilities, single-parents and other low-income co-op members from becoming at risk of homelessness?

Blog Entry 212: Esquimalt Council holds the key after President Patty's pitch

The Township of Esquimalt became the latest civic partner to back the You Hold the Key campaign on January 18 when the mayor and councillors voted to endorse CHF BC's efforts to fix the co-op housing crunch. Esquimalt is calling on the provincial government to replace expiring federal subsidies for low-income co-op members and committed to working with the federation and partners to achieve this goal.