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EOA 2014

Blog entry 125: 3,000 resolved co-op households make Coleman’s constituency office a crowded house

It’s starting to get awfully crowded in Rich Coleman’s constituency office — there are nearly 3,000 co-op households crammed into it and more on the way. That’s the number of households in the 34 housing co-ops that have passed a resolution supporting the Key Campaign.

Blog entry 124: Tyee article on Four Sisters Co-op a must-read!

If you want a powerful and moving example of how co-op living can turn a life around — and how housing co-ops’ abilities to make that difference are under threat — read this piece in the Tyee on the Four Sisters Co-op. Ken Lyotier credits his co-op community with saving his life. But the mixed-income make-up of the co-op’s members is threatened by vanishing rent subsidies.

Blog entry 123: New Westminster Housing Co-operative gives Royal City assent to Key Campaign resolution

The last step in making a law under our parliamentary system is called Royal Assent, where the Queen gives the final seal of approval to the new statute. So when New Westminster Housing Cooperative passed the resolution supporting the You Hold the Key Campaign, we figured that had to constitute Royal City Assent and we were pretty excited by that.

Blog entry 122: BC Budget Day no Mardis Gras for affordable housing, Member Forum sees co-ops air their messages


It was BC Budget Day today and unfortunately, “affordable housing” didn’t get a mention in the budget speech by Finance Minister Mike de Jong. On the other hand, Housing Minister Rich Coleman got a nice increase in his housing budget (as opposed to Liquefied Natural Gas) of some $40 million, and that’s a good sign. Now, how do we think he’ll spend it? Well, we have a few ideas...


Blog entry 121: CCEC Credit Union shows resolve in endorsing the Key Campaign

To give credit when the credit union is due, the folks at CCEC Credit Union were magnificent hosts to the Key Campaign last night at the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House.

Blog entry 120: Throne Speech silent on housing, so make some noise at the February Member Forum!

Today was the BC Speech from the Throne, held in Victoria as all the MLAs got back to work in the House. Not that the word “house” or “housing” appeared in the speech -- at least not in relation to “affordable.” There was a lot about LNG and the economy, but the Throne Speech was silent on the affordable housing crisis in general and the co-op housing crunch in particular.

Blog entry 119: Pine Ridge resolution comes to light on Groundhog Day

It’s Groundhog Day so it’s only fitting that a resolution passed by Pine Ridge Housing Co-op came to light today. Wiarton Willie may not have seen his shadow, but we got a missive from Brenda Bedford of Pine Ridge informing us that the co-op resolution passed the resolution supporting the campaign at a meeting on November 26, 2014.  They forwarded copies to the Hon. Candice Bergen (Minister Responsible for CMHC), the Hon. Rich Coleman (Minister Responsible for Housing) and His Worship Mayor Derek Corrigan (Mayor of Burnaby).

Blog entry 118: East Vancouver co-op the Rising Star of the “Show Some Resolve!” Drive

Just as we’re about to launch a concerted effort to get more B.C. housing co-ops to pass the resolution supporting the campaign, in comes an email from Rising Star Co-op in the Commercial Drive 'hood telling us they’ve done just that. There’s synchronicity for you!

Rising Star is the fourth of the 19 co-ops around The Drive to show some resolve. What say, you remaining 15 Commercial Drive co-ops: why not follow that Rising Star and join the resolution revolution?

Blog entry 117: Key Campaign video doin’ good on Do-Gooder

The Key Campaign’s co-op housing crunch video is doin’ good on the DoGooder Video Awards site. We entered the video featuring B.C. housing co-op members showing how the housing crunch affects them in the 2015 competition for the Best Non-profit Video. And guess what? It has 117 views to date. Help us boost that number before the voting begins on Feb. 17.