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EOA 2014

Blog entry 116: Golden Horseshoe CHF gets lucky with golden key

We have a sort of cottage industry here at the Key Campaign. As more and more co-operative housing federations launch co-op housing crunch campaigns of their own, they find themselves looking for that big, shiny, golden key to the co-op that so many CHF BC members have posed with. Well, those kinds of keys don’t grow on trees. We have a crack team of key creators who work at an undisclosed location to custom-build each one by hand — okay, there are a few power tools involved.

Blog entry 115: Call the Key Campaign a DoGooder and spread the co-op housing crunch news by views!

The Key Campaign isn’t afraid to be called a DoGooder -- in fact, we want you to do just that. We’ve entered the You Hold the Key Campaign’s video on the co-op housing crunch into the 2015 DoGooder Video Awards contest. DoGooder is an online and live event platform designed to foster collaboration, strengthen community, and showcase innovation in impact video.

Blog entry 114: Mau Dan Gardens provides Key Campaign epiphany, North Shore News shares our story

ITEM ONE: The Key Campaign Team had an epiphany today -- which is only fitting since it is Twelfth Night, after all -- courtesy of Mau Dan Gardens Co-op in Vancouver. Brace yourself for more mail, Minister Coleman: Mau Dan Gardens will be ringing in your new year with a letter to inform you they have passed the resolution supporting the Key Campaign. Why not have an epiphany of your own and pass the resolution? Let’s make 2015 the year we unlock the solution to the co-op housing crunch!

Blog entry 113

Diets, quitting smoking, getting into shape -- yes, it’s New Year’s resolution time. Here at the Key Campaign, we applaud all efforts at self-improvement. But we also happen to have a painless way for you to show resolve that doesn’t involve Stairmasters or nicotine patches. Make passing a motion to support the You Hold the Key Campaign your New Year’s resolution -- you’ll feel good about yourself.

Blog entry 112: Christmas cards for Coleman campaign kicks off

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — the time of year when our MLAs are back in their offices catching up on their Holiday Season mail. Well, let’s give at least one of them some special holiday mail. We’ve designed a Key Campaign-themed Christmas card that you can send to Housing Minister Rich Coleman so he remembers the plight of our most vulnerable co-op members during the holidays.

Blog entry 111: Key Campaign scores triple, delegates hit homerun at AGM Member Forum

Christmas came early for the Key Campaign, thanks to the dedicated co-op members who packed the Executive Hotel in Burnaby at the CHF BC AGM. The campaign scored a triple at the Member Forum with an uplifting update, the premiere of a new video on the co-op housing crunch and then seeing the resolution supporting the Key Campaign passed unanimously by the CHF BC delegates.

Blog entry 110: CHF BC AGM Key Campaign Member Forum a really big shew...

As Ed Sullivan would have said, what we have planned for you at the CHF BC AGM this Saturday is “a really big shew.” Ed would have said something like this:

“And now, live on our stage, we welcome back the You Hold the Key Campaign. This mop-top crew of kids are going to give you a Member Forum you’ll never forget -- a campaign update, a premiere of a brand new video and an inter-active exercise that’s short but tweet...”

Blog 109: More movie magic!

Day two of the You Hold the Key Campaign video shoot took our film crew to Abbotsford and Pitt Meadows where they met with more co-op members - stars in the making -  who showed us co-op living and community up close and personal, and underlined why its so important that we find a solution to keep our low-income members in their homes.

Blog entry 108: Lights, camera, action -- Key Campaign pictures success

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. Well, the Key Campaign must have racked up a million words worth on Sunday during the video shoot at H.W. Flesher Housing Co-op. The folks at the co-op opened their community for us to record stories of members who live in fear and uncertainty because of the looming end of subsidy crisis. We got some great material and wonderful stories that will help make the finished product very special indeed. Special thanks to Ryan Schweizer for opening his home for the B-roll shots and to Rosemary Newman for being so accommodating.

Blog entry 107: From peak experience to valley resolution, co-ops hold the key!

The Key Campaign had another peak experience this week — fittingly at the foot of the mountains at Mount Seymour Park Housing Co-op. Representatives from over half of the North Shore’s nine housing co-ops were at a lively meeting to discuss how we can all work together to help fix the co-op housing crunch.