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EOA 2014

Blog entry 106: Monday is Fun-Day: From Victoria to The Drive, co-ops show resolution

Some people don’t like Mondays (take the Boomtown Rats, for instance). But it always makes our day at the Key campaign when we get a two-for-one deal.

Blog entry 105: Want to see something really scary?

What’s your most frightening Halloween flick? Friday the Thirteen? Nightmare on Elm Street? Maybe the more elegant (but just as scary) Sleepy Hollow? Well, here at the Key Campaign, we got an early start to Halloween last weekend at the Fall Education Conference. Monster Horror Chiller Co-op Theatre showed participants something really scary: the prospect of having over 3,000 co-op members at risk of homelessness if we don’t get a provincial rent supplement program. Now that’s the real nightmare, folks!

Blog entry 104: Hey, North Vancouver housing co-ops -- help us bridge the affordability gap!

Folks who live on the North Shore know how important it is to bridge the gaps. So when it comes to the affordability gap created by the co-op housing crunch, we know they’ll turn out in numbers to help the Key Campaign fill the void. We’re expecting yet another full house on Monday, November 10, 2014 at Mount Seymour Park Housing Co-op. Come and learn more about the You Hold the Key Campaign and what you can do to support it.

Blog entry 103: City of Nelson holds the key!

Great news from the City of Nelson -- Mayor John Dooley and his council have written Housing Minister Rich Coleman asking him to implement our rent supplement solution to the co-op housing crunch.

Blog entry 102: Very busy, very scary!

The Key Campaign is busy, busy, busy with events from the mouth of the Fraser to the Royal City. Wednesday night, Garry Point Co-op in Steveston held the Key at a meeting for their community (which, BTW, has already passed the resolution supporting the campaign). Thursday night we visited New Westminster at a regional meeting for all eight co-ops in the Royal City.

Blog entry 101: Can’t see the end of subsidy forest for the political trees? Spruce up your vision!

Spruce Co-op in Surrey really knows how to show some resolve. Not only did they pass a resolution backing the Key Campaign at a meeting on September 15, they sent letters to BC Housing Minister Rich Coleman, Federal Housing Minister Candice Bergen, Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts, Surrey North MP Jasbir Sandhu and Surrey-Green Timbers MLA Sue Hammell asking them all to help fix the co-op housing crunch.

Blog entry 100: It’s a heavy-metal concert for the Key Campaign

It’s only fitting that the YHTK Campaign’s 100th blog entry (our Platinum Jubilee in social media terms) has three golden news-nuggets worthy of a centennial. Which just goes to show what can be achieved when we all act in concert – especially a heavy-metal concert.

Blog entry 99: Brooksford Co-op members tell it like it is to the Abby News

If you want a good example of the bind co-op communities find themselves in as the clock ticks down on the end of their operating agreements, check out this piece in the Abbotsford News. Dan Thiessen and Sammy McMurphey of Brooksford Co-op tell their community’s story and make the case for keeping their most vulnerable neighbours in their homes. Way to go, Dan and Sammy!

BTW, did we mention that Brooksford is in Finance Minister Mike de Jong’s riding?

Blog entry 98: There’s no place like dome

The Key campaign is all about keeping the roofs over co-op members’ heads and today, the team gained a new appreciation for the old adage “there’s no place like dome.” To celebrate Co-op Week, the campaign had a table at the Grandview Park gathering.

Blog entry 97: Play Misty (Ridge) for me: Key Campaign meets with trio of Government Caucus MLAs

The Key Campaign team was in Maple Ridge today meeting with a trio of MLAs from the BC Government Caucus. Dr. Doug Bing (Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows) hosted the meeting and was joined by Linda Reimer (Port Moody-Coquitlam) and Marc Dalton (Maple Ridge-Mission) -- who actually used to live in Misty Ridge Co-op and had nothing but nice things to say about how with-it the folks there are. It was a very positive session and the three BC Liberal MLAs got a thorough briefing on the campaign.