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EOA 2014

Blog entry 76: It’s gonna be a hall of an evening for the Key Campaign

The Key Campaign has a couple of municipal pen pals on Monday. Both Abbotsford and Delta have the campaign’s mail out/mini-mag on their council meeting agendas under the “Correspondence” section of the agenda. The campaign sent out 37 information packages to municipalities across BC that have at least one co-op.

Blog entry 75: It’s the 3M menu this weekend at Key BBQs

Here’s a bill of fare for that post-it note on the fridge -- it’s the 3M menu this weekend at a pair of Key campaign BBQs. We got MLA, MPs and Mayor (well, deputy mayor) lined up for a gentle grilling on the Key issues. MLA George Heyman (Vancouver Fairview) and MP Libby Davies (Vancouver East) are on Quebec Manor Co-op’s plate Saturday while MP Kennedy Stewart and Burnaby Deputy Mayor Councillor Colleen Jordan are being hosted at Misty Ridge Co-op.

Blog entry 74: Co-op pair gives Key campaign full house

The Key campaign has as hot a hand as poker star Daniel Negreanu -- remember that pair we needed to make a full house? Well, Still Creek and Ford Road Co-ops came through and now we have a lucky 11 co-ops and counting that have passed resolutions supporting the You Hold the Key campaign. Why not share their resolve? Check out our new Resolutions page for more info. 


Blog entry 73: Grill at will -- it’s still BBQ season in BC!

It may be cloudy in Kingston and downright torrential in Toronto, but here on the West Coast it’s still BBQ season and the Key Campaign has elected representatives from every level of government on the menu this weekend. Quebec Manor Co-op in Vancouver is hosting MLA George Heyman (Vancouver Fairview) and MP Libby Davies (Vancouver East) at their salmon BBQ on Saturday. At the same time across town, Misty Ridge Co-op’s 27th annual BBQ will have Burnaby’s Deputy Mayor in attendance.

Blog entry 72: Three of a kind a Key component of a full house

In poker, you need three of a kind along with a pair to make a full house. In the high-stakes game that is the co-op housing crunch, the You Hold the Key team has just been dealt three co-ops of a kind who passed the model resolution endorsing the campaign. Jasmine Place, Quebec Manor and Tyee Co-op have all strengthened our hand in convincing the provincial government to protect our most vulnerable members facing a loss of the rental support that makes their homes affordable. Did your co-op spend part of its summer vacation passing a resolution supporting the Key campaign?

Blog 71: Sizzling summer reading: Key campaign mini-mag is a co-op best-seller

Move over, King and Maxwell. Take a walk in the shade, Luminaries. The You Hold the Key campaigns’ mini-mag is the hottest summer best-seller in co-op communities across BC. Nearly 3,000 copies of this full-colour publication have made it through housing co-op mail slots this month. Inside, readers will find real stories of real members giving the straight goods on how the co-op housing crunch affects them and their communities.

Blog entry 70: Here they are, baby -- signed, sealed, delivered and yours!

With no apologies to Stevie Wonder, here they are — letters to each and every MLA about the co-op housing crunch. Signed, sealed and soon to be delivered, they’re yours! The Key campaign is sending out its mini-magazine spelling out the challenges posed by the end of operating agreements and proposing a solution to our provincial decision-makers. So wait a minute, Mr. (or Ms.) Postman — we’ve got a letter for your bag addressed to folks like Housing Minister Rich Coleman, Premier Christy Clark and all 85 MLAs in the Legislative Assembly.

Blog entry 69: Modelling good (resolution) behaviour at H.W. Flesher Co-op

Just got the word from Co-op Champion Ryan Schweizer that H.W. Flesher is the latest co-op community to pass the model resolution endorsing the You Hold the Key campaign. Now that’s what we call modelling good be haviour. Why not follow Ryan and his community’s example?

Blog 68: Brooksford Co-op knows the clock is ticking

(ABBOTSFORD) This is one co-op community that doesn’t need to be reminded that the clock is ticking on their most vulnerable members. The Key campaign was at Brooksford Place Co-op last night — a Section 95 co-op with an end of operating agreement of March 2015. They have members who have lived there for the entire 35 years of the co-op's existence and folks are wondering where their low-income neighbours are gonna go unless we get Housing Minister Rich Coleman to fix the co-op housing crunch. Expect another round of letters in your in-box, Minister...

Hold the raspberries -- Key Campaign hopes to bring cheers to Abbotsford

This is one occasion where the You Hold the Key campaign team is hoping a host community doesn’t live up to its nickname -- at least, metaphorically. We’re headed for Abbotsford tomorrow evening for a presentation at Brooksford Place Co-op and while we’re confident the show will go on, we’re just a little nervous about the city’s unofficial moniker. Did you know that Abbotsford is the Raspberry Capital of Canada?