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EOA 2014

Blog 66: Why not grill your elected representative on the Key issues at a co-op BBQ?

Got the end-of-agreement, expiry-of-rent-subsidy blues? Don’t let this be a summer of discontent for your co-op!  What better reason for throwing a party?  Inviting your MLA to a summer barbeque at your co-op is a great way to show your elected representative your community and grill them on where they stand on the You Hold the Key campaign. We’ve come up with a simple guide for a co-op barbeque party to ensure your MLA is fed both in body and mind.

Blog 65: Key Campaign is making news in Victoria

Great piece on the co-op housing crunch in the Victoria News which came out of the campaign’s meeting for Victoria Area co-ops last week. Kudos to Co-op Champion Patty Shaw for following up with the reporter! 



Blog 64: Get in on the summer vacation bucket list and; Greenland Housing Co-op shows resolve to fix the co-op housing crunch

Need a few ideas to survive the summer heat? Why not check out the campaign’s Co-op Champions' Summer Vacation Bucket List? Don’t let it be a summer of discontent for our most vulnerable members facing a loss of rental support that makes their homes affordable. You too can be a co-op champion.

Blog 63: Takes a village like Seawalk Co-op to kick off the Key Campaign on the Island

(VICTORIA) It takes a village to stage an event like this and Seawalk Co-op is firing on all cylinders -- and all generations.

The You Hold the Key Campaign held its first big event on Vancouver Island last night at Seawalk in Victoria West and it was a real team effort. The older kids (wearing bright reflective vests) were busy directing traffic and helping folks park their cars. A trio of musicians played folk tunes on the patio outside the common room.

Blog 62: Go the extra mile to show you care -- let ‘em hear you on the Legislature Lawns, Victoria co-ops!

Folks in Victoria care. Especially co-op members. I worked in Victoria covering the Legislature for years and I know most people in the City of Gardens would give you the shirt off their backs. They’re also willing to walk a mile in your shoes -- or their own -- for a good cause. Well, here’s your chance...

Blog 61: Second (or even third) that e-motion

BC co-ops are showing their resolve and passing resolutions endorsing the You Hold the Key Campaign. Housing co-ops Granville Gardens and Garry Point in Richmond have been joined by Kailasa Co-op in Victoria in calling for a rent supplement program for low-income members. They’re sending copies of these resolutions to us by email, so c’mon! Second (or even third or fourth) that e-motion and help fix the co-op housing crunch!

Blog 60: Biggest crowd yet turns out at Killarney Gardens to support the Key Campaign

Over 70 people crowded into the Killarney Gardens Housing Co-operative common room last night to support the You Hold the Key Campaign. That’s the biggest turn-out we’ve had yet and the first community-based gathering staged in the city of Vancouver. Members from nine southeast Vancouver co-ops were represented and by the end of the meeting, were fired up to send a message to Housing Minister Rich Coleman to act now to protect our most vulnerable members.

Blog 59: Get some Straight talk about the Co-op Housing Crunch

Killarney Gardens Housing Co-operative prez Sandie Brown gives some straight talk on the co-op housing crunch in this week’s Georgia Straight

Blog 58: Tri-Cities co-op meeting featured in Now newspaper piece

Great article by Jeremy Deutsch in the Tri-Cities Now about the big meeting in Coquitlam (at Falcon Crest Estates Co-op) this Thursday, June 19. Tells the story of Mary Raffan, president of Garden Court Housing Co-op near Coquitlam Centre. 

And don’t forget to register for the meeting!

Blog 57: Nothing unlucky about Friday the Thirteenth as the Key goes to co-ops fest

The Key Campaign received a warm welcome at the BC Co-operative Association’s AGM on Friday the Thirteenth. The Campaign Team had a table set up at the event, which saw representatives from BC co-operative organizations like Vancity and others gathered to compare notes and hand out a few awards. The team handed out resolutions supporting the campaign for the co-operative organizations to pass at their individual board meetings.