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EOA 2014

Blog 56: Hey, Tri-Cities co-ops! Listen to Robert Plant and Alison Krauss!

Note to all Tri-Cities co-ops: Listen to Robert Plant and Alison Krauss's “Please read the letter!”

Blog 55: Pitt Meadows parade produces a passel of support for the Key Campaign

Ford Road Co-op president Ruth Meyers put in a blue-ribbon performance at Pitt Meadows Day on Saturday, handing out fliers asking folks to support the You Hold the Key Campaign and write Housing Minister Rich Coleman urging him to fix the co-op housing crunch. Here's Ruth's report:

Blog 54: Pitt Meadows co-op prez is ahead by a century

Pitt Meadows is celebrating its centennial on Saturday, June 7, and Ford Road Co-op president Ruth Meyers is going to be the life of the party.

Blog 53: Key campaign takes Parliament Hill by strum

No, that’s not a typo -- by strum, not by storm. As you can see, hundreds of folks like CHF Canada Government Relations Co-ordinator David Granovsky rallied on Parliament Hill to call on all levels of government to Fix the Co‑op Housing Crunch. The Key to the Co-op was prominent and it appears David was doing his best Jimi Hendrix riff upon it. Key placards were also in evidence at the rally. The RCMP put the crowd at over 400. Way to go, CHF Canada!

Blog 52: Coquitlam acquires co-op campaign cookie cutters for Tri-Cities meeting

In what has become a bit of tradition with the YHTK Campaign, we held the ceremonial presentation of the cookie cutters at the CHF BC offices today. Colleen Huyton from Falcon Crest Estates Co-op (isn’t that a cool name for a co-op? Sounds like one of those 1980s TV prime-time soaps starring Morgan Fairchild or Larry Hagman) accepted the key-shaped cookie cutters on behalf of her community, which will host the next big campaign meeting.

Blog 50: Pitt Meadows co-op member launches online petition

Jordan Mahlmann was at the You Hold the Key campaign meeting for Ridge-Meadows Co-ops on Monday and was fired up over using social media to spread the word about the plight of low-income co-op members facing the end of subsidy.

Blog 49: Key campaign on a roll and coming to a co-op near you

From Ridge-Meadows to Richmond, co-op members are packing rooms and rolling up their sleeves as the You Hold the Key Campaign continues to build momentum.

Blog 48: North Van City holds the key, asks minister to unlock solution to crisis

This just in! North Vancouver City Mayor Darrell Mussatto holds the key! He’s personally written Housing Minister Rich Coleman “strongly urging” him to deliver a rent supplement program for vulnerable co-op members. Mayor Mussatto was following up on his council’s unanimous resolution passed April 14 to support Metro Vancouver’s call for a provincial rent supplement program for low-income and other co-op members who need support.

Blog 47: Raise your awareness of the co-op housing crunch to new (Champlain) Heights at Killarney Gardens Co-op June 26

The You Hold the Key: Fix the Co-op Housing Crunch Campaign is holding a community-based meeting for co-op members in Southeast Vancouver. We can hardly wait to bring the campaign to the Champlain Heights (and Southeast Vancouver) neighbourhood and wish to thank our hosts at Killarney Gardens Co-op in advance.