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EOA 2014

Blog 46: Have you heard THE NEWS about our Ridge-Meadows meeting?

The Ridge-Meadows meeting at Ford Road Co-op got a great plug in The News, the area’s community newspaper. 

Have you signed up for the meeting yet? Don’t miss it! 

Blog 45: Ford Road Co-op to be first stop on road to affordability

The road to affordability runs through Ford Road Co-op in Ridge-Meadows on May 26. The folks at Ford Road have volunteered to host a You Hold the Key Campaign community event for all co-op members in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows. Now, when I was a young lad right out of journalism school, I cut my teeth at the old Maple Ridge Gazette and the SUNDAY newspapers, so I know that when Ridge-Meadows folks put their minds to something, good things happen.

Blog 43: The Fuel on The Hill

Another sign that they’re getting ready to put the key in the ignition to jump-start the campaign to help keep low-income co-op members in their homes: CHF Canada’s Scott Jackson shows off his hand-made mock-up of what will become hundreds of placards promoting the You Hold the Key: Fix the Co-op Housing Crunch campaign.

Blog 42: Co-op Champion proposes affordable solution

Co-op Champion (and CHF BC Vice President) Yuri Artibise made quite an impact at the community forum on affordable housing at Wise Hall in East Vancouver's Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood Monday night. Yuri made the case for co-op housing as part of the solution to solving the affordable housing crisis in Vancouver. He also got a double-dose of media coverage.

Blog 41: Don’t you know we’re talkin’ ‘bout a resolution...

...but it don’t sound like a whisper! These are resolutions you want to shout from the rooftops. The Garry Point Housing Co-op in Richmond passed a motion of support for the You Hold the Key campaign at their Annual General Meeting on May 7. What with Granville Gardens also having passed a motion that makes Richmond the hot-bed of resolution in BC. So what are you waiting for, co-op communities?

Blog 40: Key Campaign clicks with delegates to SAGM

The You Hold the Key Campaign got a big boost on Saturday thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of the (record-breaking number of) 56 delegates to the Semi-Annual General Meeting (SAGM). Folks lined up to have their picture taken with the key, the campaign team videotaped another of our co-op champions (Ruth Meyers from Ford Road Co-op -- watch for her soon on our YouTube channel) and got a sneak peek at the campaign’s main information document, which will soon be sent out to every elected official in BC.

Blog 39: Metro Vancouver Holds the Key -- For Keeps!

CHF BC President Isabel Evans and CHF Canada Director Glen Armstrong presented the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors with their very own Key to the Co-op -- for keeps -- on May 2. Isabel and Glen gave the specially-made key to Metro Chair Greg Moore and Vice-Chair Raymond Louie at the Metro meeting in Burnaby. Isabel thanked the board for their support for the campaign and even found just the right spot for the key in the Metro presentation showcase in the lobby.

Blog 38: The Key goes for a walk down the Drive

Sometimes during the course of a campaign, you find yourself doing something that seems completely normal and rational to you, but is distinctly odd outside the campaign central bubble. Case in point: Thursday, I had to bring the special Key to the Co-op home with me so I could take it to Burnaby first thing Friday morning to be presented to the Metro Vancouver Board. Now, I’m used to taking the key all over the place, but it’s usually by car. This day, I had to walk from the CHF BC offices at First Avenue down Commercial Drive to the SkyTrain station at Broadway.

Blog 37: Burnaby’s “Mother Bear” Mayor gives co-op housing a huge hug

Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan can be a little intimidating at times, especially when he’s taking on other levels or government or someone who he thinks doesn’t have the best interests of his city at heart. He’s unapologetic about that -- in fact he told the local Burnaby NOW newspaper last October that he sees himself as “a mother bear protecting our interests.”