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EOA 2014

Blog 36: Full house in Richmond, caring council in Burnaby

It was a tale of two cities Monday night, April 28, as the campaign held events in both Burnaby and Richmond.

(BURNABY) A team of co-op volunteers presented Burnaby City Council with the Key to the Co-op as a symbol of our appreciation for their support the campaign. Catherine and Glen Porter of Pineridge Housing Co-op, Lil Cameron from Halston Hills and CHF Canada Director Glen Armstrong  presented Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan with the key (and thanks to Pat McClain, CHF Canada Director, for taking photos).

Blog 35: Podcast highlights key campaign on CiTR 101.9 FM

Thom Armstrong gave a great interview to Andy Longhurst of “The City,” an urban affairs radio program and podcast on UBC’s CiTR 101.9 FM. You can listen to Thom hitting this one out of the park under the April 25 entry. Thom’s segment starts about 6:30 minutes in.

Blog 34: Key does double-duty this Monday to find solutions in Richmond/Burnaby

That big gold campaign key is doing double-duty on April 28. First, it’s going to unlock some solutions at the Richmond co-ops meeting at Granville Gardens. Then, it’s going to put a lock on the civic support we’ve received from Burnaby council. If we had one more event on the same day, we’d need a key chain. Here’s the latest:

Blog 33: Richmond gives us a raisin d'être

Klahanie Co-op was the first to put their collective hand up and volunteer to provide the cookies for the Richmond Co-ops' meeting at Granville Gardens on April 28. Along with the coveted puzzle and key-shaped cookie cutters, they’ll be receiving a customized apron (or two) -- that is, once they actually identify exactly who is doing the baking. Nevertheless, their email made our day here and gave us a raisin d'être -- or is that a chocolate chip d'être?

Blog 32: You Hold the Key Video contest could begin your video career

How cool is the first prize for the “It’s the end (of agreement) as we know it!” video contest? Picture this: you could make your next video with it. Even better, you could watch all the winning videos in hi-def on the Nexus tablet’s highly-pixilated screen. Besides -- you gotta love a tablet that runs entirely on Jelly Beans. So kick-start your career and enter today. While you’re at it, watch our sample video. Can you do better than this (we sure hope so...).

Blog 31: That’s the way the cookie crumbles, Richmond!

Okay, maybe it was a half-baked idea, but we thought, hey! Thom Armstrong is a first-class grill master at the CHF BC summer barbeque -- surely he can handle popping a few batches of cookies into the oven. Besides, having key and puzzle-piece-shaped cookies at our community co-op meetings is a bit of a tradition.  But crumbs! Thom’s too busy holding the government’s feet to the fire trying to get a rent supplement program for low-income co-op members.

Blog 30: These are the champions, my friends...

... and they’ll keep on fighting for a rent supplement program for low-income co-op members until the end (of agreement and beyond). Great session with most of our team of Co-op Champions last night at the CHF BC offices. A half-dozen dedicated individuals came out to find out how they can be ambassadors for the B.C. co-op movement as the You Hold the Key Campaign unfolds. They got a briefing on strategy and tactics, some media training and took a shot at being interviewed on camera. And they were great! They were especially effective when speaking from the heart.

Blog 29: You’re entering the Subsidy Twilight Zone...

More proof of life imitating art -- and doing it badly. The YHTK Campaign team thought it would be a great idea to promote the “It’s the End (of Agreement) As We Know It!” video contest by performing a live version of the sample script (link here) we wrote. So with a little help from Gaye Bissett from CHF Canada and legal mind extraordinaire Geoffrey Dabbs, we stood up in front of the Education Conference at the Executive Hotel with our game-faces on and the video camera rolling to perform “The Subsidy Twilight Zone...”

Blog 28: Metro on Metro -- is that art imitating life or vice versa?

What do you call it when Metro (the Vancouver daily newspaper) writes about Metro (the regional government)? Life imitating art? Art imitating life? Well, whatever it is, it’s all good -- reporter Sam Smith has written a nice piece on the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors endorsing the campaign (complete with a lovely picture of Brad White and his two daughters, Marley and Piper, from Grandview Co-op). 


Blog 27: Went to a garden party...that’s a Richmond, Granville Gardens party, April 28

Okay, “went” is the wrong tense -- should be “going to,” but then the allusion to Ricky Nelson’s 1972 pop classic “Garden Party” wouldn’t work. But I don’t think Granville Gardens Co-op will mind -- the important thing is not the past, but the future tense, as in “be sure to mark your calendar,” and do it in the present because you don’t want to miss this meeting for all Richmond co-op members.