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EOA 2014

Blog Entry 211: Co-op Champ MP gets Key Committee Post

Dan Ruimy got behind the Key Campaign while he was running as a candidate in last year’s federal election. Now he’s the Liberal MP for Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge and just as committed to his party’s promise to fix the co-op housing crunch. So it’s great to hear that Dan has been appointed to the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities (or HUMA, for short).

Blog Entry 210: Solve co-op/housing crisis, Vancouver Kingsway MP urges

NDP MP Don Davies has eight housing co-ops in his Vancouver Kingsway riding, comprising 441 households. So he knows a thing or two about -- not to mention a whole bunch of folks affected by -- the co-op housing crunch. And on Thursday, he stood up in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill to “bring to the attention of the House an issue of monumental concern to my constituents, and indeed to all residents of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia: the crisis in housing.”

Blog Entry 209: Liberal MP calls on government to fix co-op housing crunch

Folks on the West Coast may never have heard of Frank Baylis (pictured below), the Liberal MP for Pierrefonds-Dollard in Quebec, but he’s a co-op champion who just happens to have the largest co-op in Canada in his constituency. So it’s no big surprise (but a delight) that he stood up in the House of Commons yesterday to speak up for his co-op constituents caught in the crunch.

Blog Entry 208: Housing hot topic in the House of Commons

MPs from coast to coast to coast are talking about affordable housing in that big house on the hill in Ottawa. How hot a topic is housing and the affordability thereof? Yesterday in the House of Commons, no fewer than 12 MPs from three parties stood up and talked about the need for more affordable housing in Canada. Liberals, Conservatives and New Democrats all got in on the action, including Anthony Housefather (Liberal, Mount Royal), who had this very bleak story of the plight of low-income Canadians caught in the housing crunch:

Blog Entry 207: Co-op housing the big buzz on Parliament Hill

Support for co-ops caught in the housing crunch continues to be a hot topic on Parliament Hill and B.C. MPs continue to keep the issue on the front burner. Seven MPs spoke in the House of Commons yesterday on the need for the Liberal government to keep its promise to continue rent-geared-to-income support for co-ops faced with expiring operating agreements. Two of those MPs were from B.C.

Blog Entry 206: Pack political punch with co-op housing hashtags to help cure the crunch

In this age of social media might, hashtags pack a powerful punch. And savvy politicians keep an eye on what’s trending. Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s a pretty Twitter-savvy guy and he’s tracking how many tweets he gets with his budget consultation hashtag #PBC16. So if you want to use a little tweet persuasion, why not add CHF Canada’s #protectcoops on your next social media missive to Minister Morneau? He wants to hear from Canadians about what should be top priorities in the next federal budget.

Blog Entry 205: YHTKC Team brings Key Campaign to B.C. by-election battles

There are two provincial by-elections on and the Key Campaign Team has made sure candidates in both are briefed on the co-op housing crisis and how to fix it. We were at all-candidates meetings in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant and Coquitlam-Burke Mountain last week delivering our proposed solution to the crisis of affordability that puts nearly 4,000 B.C. co-op households at risk of homelessness. And this crucial co-op issue is being talked about during the by-election campaign, especially in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant, which has nearly 900 co-op households.

Blog Entry 203: Ask Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau to fix the co-op housing crunch in the next budget

Want to see funding to fix the co-p housing crunch in the next federal budget? Then tell Finance Minister Bill Morneau he needs to put his government’s promise to maintain rent-geared-to-income support for low-income co-op members at the top of his priority list. Check out how you can to that and be part of the budget consultation process on the YKTH Campaign website. Working together, we can unlock the solution and protect co-op housing

Blog Entry 202: Edmonds, Mount Seymour Co-ops’ resolve pushes Key Campaign to milestone mark

The Key Campaign reached another milestone this week thanks to the resolve shown by Edmonds Place and Mount Seymour Park Co-ops. The two co-ops passed resolutions supporting the campaign and calling on government to put a rent supplement program in place for low-income and other co-op members. That bring the number of co-ops having shown resolve to 119 and they represent some 7,215 households. That’s half of all the federal co-op households in B.C. Now let’s get the other half signed up! Ask your co-op to Show Some Resolve! and help us fix the co-op housing crunch.

Blog entry 201: By-election candidates look at solutions to housing crisis, support key campaign

On February 2, voters in the provincial riding of Vancouver-Mount Pleasant go to the polls to elect a replacement for MLA Jenny Kwan (now MP Jenny Kwan). Three of the candidates were on CBC Radio's Early Edition this morning taking on the housing affordability crisis. 

Listen in to hear their solutions: starts at 0:41:22 and ends 01:54:39. And, hear where they stand on replacing housing co-op subsidies at 1:50.