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EOA 2014

Blog 26: Vous avez la clé en main!

It’s true -- you hold the key in both official languages. The campaign received some welcome coverage en Francais from CBC Radio-Canada yesterday when journalist Saida Ouchaou interviewed CHF BC Communications Director, Fiona Jackson. The resulting news item ran on CBC’s French language radio network. Check out:

The interview starts at starts at 2:28 and ends at 4:06. BTW, BC’s Francophone community is nearly 60,000-strong. 

Blog 25: Enter the “It’s the end (of agreement) as we know it!” video contest -- win a cool prize! Win a tablet! Make the difference!

Put yourself in the picture! The “It’s the end (of agreement) as we know it!” video contest gives you a chance to create a video that shows the challenges your community will face as the co-op housing crunch hits home. We want you to spell out in dramatic form what the loss of federal rent support for low-income members will mean to your housing co-op.

Blog 24: Who do we mean when we say we want to help our most vulnerable members? Meet Gail Thomas...

“Gail Thomas has lived at the Granville Gardens townhouse co-operative since 1983. With a disability that has left her with mobility issues into her senior years she managed to raise three children and is now an empty-nester. Lately she has been trying to move out of her two-bedroom unit and acquire one of the co-op’s scooter-friendly suites. Thomas’s rent is subsidized according to her disability income but that may very well change when her co-op’s federal subsidies end in January, 2019.”

Blog 23: Junos? MuchMusic Video Awards? Who needs ‘em!

Who needs glitzy award shows showcasing expensive pop music videos when you have a chance to enter the Twilight Zone at the CHF BC Spring Education Conference? The campaign team is working up a live-to-video treat for conference participants and there are rumours of cool prizes and a contest. So, eat your heart out, Tegan and Sara!

Blog Twenty-two: Metro Vancouver shows resolve to un-crunch co-op housing crisis -- you can too!

Did you feel that? A sort of un-crunching motion that swept from Lion’s Bay on Howe Sound all the way to the Langley-Abbotsford Border in the Fraser Valley? No, it wasn’t an earthquake -- that was the tremor through the political landscape of 21 municipalities, one electoral area and one treaty First Nation throwing their weight behind the You Hold the Key: fix the co-op housing crunch campaign.

Blog Twenty-one: All eyes on Metro tomorrow morning

How would you like to have the support of an organization that boasts a rank-and-file membership of 2.3 million, covers nearly 3,000-square-kilometers and has enormous political clout?  Well, keep your fingers crossed, co-op communities -- if all goes well, the campaign will get the backing of Metro Vancouver tomorrow morning.

Blog Twenty: UBC J-school students put in masterful performance in online journal

UBC School of Journalism students by Hala Kamaliddin and Emi Sasagawa have posted a very comprehensive and interesting article on the end of agreement/subsidy challenge faced by co-ops in Vancouver’s Marpole neighbourhood. The writers are in the Master’s program at UBC and have included graphs, charts, photos and a cool Prezi presentation.



Blog Nineteen: Campaign news happening in Burnaby NOW – right now!

The all-Burnaby Co-ops meeting at Halston Hills Co-op is still a hot topic over at the Burnaby NOW newspaper.  Great story featuring Lil Cameron, HH co-op president in today’s paper. 

Blog eighteen: Campaign wins media trifecta as EOA issues saturate airwaves

If you’re a co-op member dreaming of the day the mainstream media would finally jump on the campaign’s issues, you just won the media trifecta. It’s not every day a non-profit organization can say it has positive stories on radio, TV and in print, but that’s what you’ll see and hear today.

Blog Seventeen: Co-op gives campaign cookie-cutter solution to communications challenge

(BURNABY) When you’re launching a campaign, it’s not a good idea to sugar-coat the messaging. But in this case, well... that’s how the cookie crumbles. The You Hold the Key Campaign Team was surprised and delighted to discover its key communications images transformed into delectable delights (at the meeting of Burnaby housing co-ops on March 20).