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EOA 2014

Blog Sixteen: Standing room only at Halston Hills All-Burnaby Co-ops You Hold the Key Campaign meeting!

(BURNABY) Wow! Packed! Nearly 70 people jammed into the common room at Halston Hills Co-op for the first big public meeting of the campaign. And these folks are motivated – representing nearly a dozen different co-op communities, they wanna know how they can get involved and pressure the provincial government to fund and deliver a rent supplement program to replace expiring federal subsidies for low-income co-op members.

Blog fifteen: Just follow the Newsleader to Halston Hills...

Need a little direction to get to the You Hold the Key Campaign meeting of all Burnaby Co-ops at Halston Hills on Thursday? Just follow the leader – or in this case, the Burnaby Newsleader. A nice, succinct article by award-winning reporter Wanda Chow is online now.

Blog Entry Fourteen: Sign up now for Burnaby Co-op campaign event at Halston Hills or be green with envy!

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, we thought we might caution you that if you wait much longer to register for the event at Halston Hills Co-op, you’ll be on the outside looking in and green with envy. As of this moment, there are members from 12 Burnaby co-ops signed up and healthy contingents promising to attend.

Now, if you want the latest on the You Hold the key Campaign as well as the samosa, veggies and a whole lot of baking that are rumoured to be on offer, let us know you’re planning on heading for the Hills ASAP, please.

Blog Thirteen: Armstrong pitches to packed hall at Cowichan campus (but did he get a sweater?)

We all know that CHF BC Executive Director Thom Armstrong is good at spinning a yarn, but how would that go over in the Cowichan Valley? Would his audience knit their brows as he extolled the virtues of the co-op model as “the solution to an affordable housing crisis in BC.”? Of course not – Thom was given a warm welcome and undivided attention in a packed hall at the Vancouver Island University's Cowichan Campus at a workshop aimed at laying the foundations for the Cowichan region's first housing co-op.

Blog Twelve: Single-mom’s inspiring story shows the profound difference rent subsidy can make

If you want to be inspired, read this great story in the Royal City Record on how rent subsidy saved a New West single mom from a life of poverty and gave her and her kids a shot at a better life. Christine McKenzie van Kalsbeek of Westminster Landing Co-op says having federal rent subsidy available made a profound difference in her life when she needed it most. Great video on the page with the story. 




Blog Eleven – Head for the Hills, Burnaby co-op members – Halston Hills, that is…

(BURNABY) The You Hold the Key campaign is calling on all Burnaby co-op members to head for the hills – that’s Halston Hills Housing Co-op, a neighborly community a stone’s throw from both Burnaby Mountain and Burnaby Lake. The friendly folks at Halston Hills have offered to host an all-Burnaby meeting to mobilize members to help co-ops facing the end of their operating agreements.

Blog Ten: Pine Ridge Co-op President Porter communicates clearly in local/national press

Catherine Porter is fast becoming the most widely-quoted co-op member in the media on You Hold the Key Campaign issues. The Pine Ridge Co-op president (and former CHF BC president) was featured along with her husband Glen in their local community newspaper, the Burnaby NOW, on Feb. 17 about what the end of operating agreement will mean to their community.

Blog Nine: Government’s Wheel of Fortune lands on $60 million/year for affordable funding

If this were a TV game show, we’d feel a little like a contestant on Wheel of Fortune who’d just won big in the bonus round. On Tuesday, Housing Minister Rich Coleman and his federal counterpart Candice Bergen announced more money for affordable housing programs. How much more? A lot more: $300 million over five years, with $60 million a year of that earmarked for supporting and enhancing new and existing housing programs – inducing rental assistance programs.

Blog Eight: Vancouver Island meeting sees full house fear empty house(s)

(SAANICH) Full house here tonight to discuss the prospect of empty houses. There are over 30 people at the Vancouver Island Council meeting, including representatives from co-ops from all over the Victoria area: Pioneer, Tyee, Kailasa, Sewalk, Four Mile Heights, Washington, Orchard Green, Craigflower, Pheasant Meadows and Cameo. It’s a special night because these folks have come out to find out more about CHF BC's You Hold the Key Campaign. And to find their piece of the puzzle...

Blog Seven: Red Eye interview good practice for gold medal game

Some folks might have been tempted to sleep in on Saturday, especially if they were planning to catch the Olympic Men’s Ice Hockey gold medal game Sunday at 4:00 a.m. But not CHF BC Executive Director Thom Armstrong. He was up early to appear on 100.5 FM Vancouver Co-op Radio’s Red Eye program to give listeners the bottom line on the You Hold the Key campaign. The picture above shows him prepped and watching the clock tick down to show-time.