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EOA 2014

Blog Six: Burnaby council shows some resolution to fix the co-op housing crunch! You can too!

CHF BC has a lot of partners in our campaign to keep housing affordable, including some big players like the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. The FCM had made affordable housing one of their top issues for this year are calling for all orders of government to work together on a long-term plan that will set the course for action and relieve Canada's housing crunch. One of the things they’re asking municipalities across Canada to do is show their support by passing a resolution on fixing the housing crunch.

Blog Five: Burnaby co-op community fears “economic evictions”

Great story in the Burnaby NOW featuring Catherine Porter, president of Pine Ridge Housing Co-operative, and her husband Glen Porter about what the end of operating agreement will mean to their community. “Members have expressed their concerns to me about the loss of subsidy and their inability to pay the housing charges without it.” There’s a video too. Check it out!

Blog Four: The LD re. YHTK from CHF BC via CBC’s OTC

Sorry for all the abbreviations, but we’re trying to keep things short here at You Hold the Key (YHTK) Campaign HQ. That’s ‘cos we got what End of Agreement means to your co-op in a nutshell. Listen to CHF BC Executive Director Thom Armstrong being interviewed by CBC Radio “On the Coast” host Stephen Quinn. Follow this link and click on the Feb. 19 show. Thom’s interview starts at 38.40.


Blog Three: Triple-B Budget anything but boring

Since when is more money for housing programs and making expanded rental assistance programs to low to moderate-income households a priority “boring?” Finance Minister Mike de Jong might have called his budget boring, but here at CHF BC, we were excited (in a cautious sort of way). Tuesday’s provincial budget opened the door to increased rent support to help low-income British Columbians remain in their homes.

Blog Two: You Hold the Key Campaign kicks off at packed puzzle piece Members Forum

Wow! There are a lot of people here – over 50 folks packed into the CHF BC offices for the first Member Forum of the year and the launch of the “You Hold the Key – Fix the co-op housing crunch!” campaign. They’re here to hear about End of Agreement issues and what happens when co-ops' operating agreements end. After a presentation on the campaign, the members set to work, decorating giant puzzle pieces with their hopes and fears for the future of their co-op homes and what role they'd like to play in the campaign.

Blog One: Déjà vu all over again...

Yogi Berra hit the nail on the head. This is just like old times. Big crowd. Familiar faces. Same issues...