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EOA 2014

Blog Entry 180: Key Campaign dialed in as Show Some Resolve! drive hits 113 mark

The Show Some Resolve! drive has hit the 113 mark with Eburne Landing and Marine Court Co-ops having passed resolutions supporting the You Hold the Key Campaign. Now if you look up the number 113 you can’t help but be struck by how many countries use these three digits for their emergency telephone numbers. Well, that’s only fitting because the co-op housing crunch is an emergency.

Blog Entry 179: WISHS come true for Key Campaign as door opens to golden opportunity

If you look up what folks think of the meaning behind the number 111 you’ll find there’s a belief that when it shows up, it’s “a great sign of a golden opportunity” and that “a doorway has opened up in which your intentions and goals will manifest extremely quickly.” Well, that would be a wish come true for the Key Campaign, so it’s only appropriate that WISHS Co-op in Vancouver clocks in as the 111th co-op to Show Some Resolve!<

Blog Entry 178: Spectrum Co-op helps Key Campaign Rainbow Coalition as “Show Some Resolve!” drive hits 110

Say “spectrum” and you might instantly think “rainbow,” which covers a glorious gamut of colours and hues. Each one of those colours is nice on its own, but put them all together and you’ve got something really glorious. That’s just what Spectrum Co-op has done by passing a resolution supporting the You Hold the Key Campaign. Thanks to them, the Show Some Resolve! drive has reached the 110 co-ops mark.

Blog Entry 177: Salal Co-op has it covered as “Show Some Resolve!” drive hits 109

Salal is so ubiquitous on the West Coast that it’s described as the dominant ground-cover. And its berries have remarkable medicinal properties. So it’s exciting news that Salal Co-op in Port Moody has passed a resolution supporting the You Hold the Key Campaign. That means the Show Some Resolve! drive has reach the 109 mark and now covers 6,571 households.

Low-income members caught in the co-op housing crunch could really use a cure and Salal Co-op is now part of the solution.

Blog Entry 176: “Show Some Resolve!” drive hits 108 site on the road to gold

If you’ve every travelled up the old Cariboo Wagon Road, you’ll know that the 108 Mile Historic Site is a very special place, dedicated to showing just how you got the motherlode on the road to gold. And that’s where the Show Some Resolve! drive is right now -- the very special 108 mark.

Blog Entry 175: B.C. Finance Committee hears why they need to fix the co-op housing crunch in the next budget -- and how to do it!

This is a really big day for the You Hold the Key Campaign. We got to make a presentation to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services on our proposed solution to the co-op housing crunch. The committee is composed of MLAs from both the government and official opposition caucuses and they write a report that helps Finance Minister Mike de Jong craft the next B.C. budget.

Blog Entry 174: Key campaign full of Hope as Show Some Resolve! drive hits the 106 mark

Picture this: every single person in the District of Hope in Rich Coleman’s office demanding he fix the co-op housing crunch. Or the entire populations of Barriere, Chetwynd and Clearwater combined in one spot giving the B.C. Housing Minister the same message.

Well, you’ve done just that. And then some.

Blog Entry 173: Key campaign lets your fingers do the walking as Show Some Resolve! drive strikes the 104 mark

You can punctuate this milestone with an exclamation mark -- or any other kind of letter you wish. Yes, the Show Some Resolve! drive has hit the 104 co-ops mark. That’s 104 co-ops that have passed motions supporting the key campaign and sent them on to Housing Minister Rich Coleman and other elected officials demanding they take action to fix the co-op housing crunch. Not only do they represent over 6,300 co-op households, 104 just happens to be the number of keys on a standard Windows keyboard.

Blog Entry 171: Maple Ridge resolves to support Key Campaign on B.C.’s biggest civic stage

Maple Ridge Council and Mayor Nicole Read are big supporters of the You Hold the Key Campaign -- so big, in fact, that they’ve put the Key Campaign on the agenda of B.C.’s biggest civic gathering. Maple Ridge has submitted a resolution (see resolution B49 on page 134) to the Union of B.C. Municipalities' convention to be held in Vancouver in September supporting our solution to the co-op housing crunch.

Blog Entry 170: Key Campaign crests steep learning curve as 101 co-ops show resolve!

Campaigns can be a steep learning curve. Sometimes they’re like a crash-course in political and public engagement. And not just for the campaign team -- it’s a real education for a lot of elected officials. Well, now they can take “Show Some Resolve 101,” thanks to the folks at River Mist Co-op. On Monday, they became the 101st co-op to pass a resolution supporting the You Hold the Key campaign.