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EOA 2014

Blog Entry 169: Key Campaign ahead by a century as 100 co-ops show resolve!

You did it!

Thanks to the spirit and determination of co-op communities, campaign partners, supporters and individual members who care about their most vulnerable neighbours, the You Hold the Key Campaign hit a very special milestone late last week: 100 co-ops in B.C. have passed resolutions supporting the campaign! Those co-ops represent over 6,100 households resolved to protect seniors, people with disabilities and other low-income co-op members.

Blog Entry 168: The (Georgia) Straight Goods: CRD backs Key Campaign

Did you feel that? That tremor across the Salish Sea (a.k.a. the Strait of Georgia) was no earthquake. It was the sound of 371,000 more people getting on the bandwagon to fix the co-op housing crunch. Yes, thanks to the hard work of CHF BC President Patty Shaw and CHF BC Director Art Farquharson, the Capital Regional District (CRD) voted unanimously on Wednesday to support the You Hold the Key Campaign’s call for a rent supplement program for low-income housing co-op members that’s jointly-funded by the federal and provincial governments.

Blog Entry 166: Key Campaign batting 100 as Resolve Drive nears century mark

The Toronto Blue Jays aren’t the only red-hot team hitting home runs this summer. B.C. housing co-ops are in the hunt for a pennant of their own as they continue to Show Some Resolve by passing resolutions to support the You Hold the Key campaign.

Blog Entry 165: Key Campaign hits new high of 91!

Can’t get into Rich’s hockey arena? How about a game of hoops instead?

Blog Entry 164: Key Campaign

Fate, kismet, destiny -- call it what you will, but Myles Shaw, CHF Canada Regional Director (Saskatchewan) dropped by the CHF BC and CHF Canada offices today in Vancouver, wondering where he could order up a key for his prairie province. Well, he came to the right shop! The YHTK Campaign Team immediately alerted our cottage industry to make a custom key to the co-op, which will be winging its way east soon. Just on time to gear up for that federal election this fall...

Blog Entry 163: Key Campaign hits 84 and one more oughtta fill Rich’s arena

Better get your tickets to Rich’s arena while they last -- there’s only 33 seats left, thanks to concerned co-ops who are showing resolve. Yes, the Key Campaign hit the 84 co-ops' mark with Falcon Crest Estates Co-op and Sundune Housing Co-op having passed resolutions to support our campaign to protect our most vulnerable members.

Blog Entry 162: Resolution revolution gains ground on Bastille Day as Saanich council backs Key Campaign

It’s only fitting that we share the news about the resolution revolution sweeping Saanich on Bastille Day! CHF BC President Patty Shaw was on hand when Saanich District Council passed a resolution endorsing the Key Campaign and calling on the federal and provincial governments to work together to fix the co-op housing crunch. Patty (a veteran You Hold the Key Campaign Co-op Champion) was instrumental in getting the plight of our most vulnerable members on the council agenda.

Blog Entry 161: Don’t dilly Dalai -- put on them blue suede shows and hit the Key Campaign trail as we hit 80!

Yes, Elvis Aaron Presley would have been eighty this year -- the Dalai Lama turned eighty just last week. So it’s very auspicious that the Key Campaign hit the 80 co-ops' mark this week. Yes, that’s four score (if you want to add an Abe Lincoln note to the event) B.C. housing co-ops that have Shown Some Resolve! and shown their determination to protect our most vulnerable members. They represent 5,020 households. But we need more, so please add your co-op's name to the list and let us know!

Blog Entry 160: Check out your mailbox and get the SCOOP on the Key Campaign!

Did you know that “Please Mr. Postman” is one of the few pop music tunes that has the distinction of hitting the top of the charts twice? First in 1961 with the Marvelettes and again in 1975 when The Carpenters’ version went to number one on the Billboard charts.

Blog Entry 159: Key Campaign powers forward like a power forward as resolution drive hits 77

Thanks to a quartet of co-ops coming forward and letting us know they’d passed the resolution supporting us, the Key Campaign is powering forward like, well, a power forward towards our goal. And that’s only fitting because thanks to Heron Court Housing Co-operative, Synala Housing Co-operative, Charles Square Co-op and View Court Co-op, we have hit the 77 resolutions mark.