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EOA 2014

Blog Entry 158: Key Campaign resolution drive music to co-op picnickers ears

You might have heard it above the folksy, blues-infused music from Arnt Arntzen and Friends' band at Trout Lake Park on Saturday -- the sonorous cry of “Resolutions! Get yer red-hot resolutions here!” Yes, the Key Campaign was busy at the CHF BC/Canada Co-op Housing Summer BBQ, donning a hot dog vendor’s garb to sling model resolutions for co-ops to pass and show they care about their most vulnerable members.

Blog Entry 157: Key Campaign rides mystery ship as Show Some Resolve! Drive hits 73 mark

With no apologies at all to the band “Blues Image,” the Key Campaign is riding high as we hit the 73 co-ops mark in our Show Some Resolve! Drive with the addition of Mountain View and Benryk Mews Co-ops. They represent 4,606 households, all calling on Housing Minister Rich Coleman to fix the co-op housing crunch.

Blog Entry 156: Richmond co-op takes Show Some Resolve! Drive to new heights

The You Hold the Key Campaign’s Show Some Resolve! Drive hit new heights this week, thanks to a Richmond co-op that proved they care about their most vulnerable members. The folks at Richmond Heights Co-op in Steveston hosted the YHTK Campaign Team at the GM on Wednesday and unanimously passed a resolution backing our campaign for a provincial rent supplement program for low-income co-op members.

Blog entry 155: Pair of resolute co-ops pushes Key campaign onto platinum plateau

Depending on which system you follow, the 70th anniversary is platinum -- one of the most precious and rarest metals and synonymous with excellence. Well, the Key Campaign has hit the platinum plateau thanks to a pair of co-ops showing some resolve to protect our most vulnerable members. Bakerview Co-op in Abbotsford and Alexander Street Co-op in Vancouver passed the resolution supporting the campaign, bringing the total to 70 co-ops and counting.

Blog entry 154: Key Campaign getting close to bowling Rich over

We asked B.C. housing co-ops to show some resolve in fixing the co-op housing crunch and you’ve responded resoundingly.

Blog entry 153: Key Campaign gets kicks on Route 66

“It winds from China Creek to Alder Bay,

Almost four thousand households on the way,

The Key gets its kicks on Route sixty-six...”

Blog entry 152: Key Campaign hits the airwaves to help fix the co-op housing crunch

If you want to help fix the co-op housing crunch, stay tuned to CKWX 1130 on Monday morning to hear the first of our You Hold the Key Campaign ads. These 30-second spots are designed to build public support and to send a message to Housing Minister Rich Coleman and other key decision-makers that they need to act now to protect our most vulnerable members. They’ll run for the next four weeks and start in the early hours of June 8.

Blog entry 151: Dynamic duo Domego, Watershed push Key Campaign past the quarter-post

In Comic Book Land, it’s Batman and Robin that comprise the Dynamic Duo. But with apologies to Adam West and Burt Ward, here at the Key Campaign, we have our own powerhouse pairing: Domego and Watershed Co-ops.

Blog entry 150: Norman Bethune Housing Co-op helps Key Campaign celebrate social media sesquicentennial

We’re celebrating a social media sesquicentennial of sorts here at the Key Campaign with our 150th blog entry. Now, we know that “sesquicentennial” technically refers to the 150th anniversary of something and not just 150 of something, but when you have news like another B.C. co-op having shown some resolution to protect low-income members, that's reason enough to bend the grammatical rules.

Blog entry 149: Access to Trout Lake makes Victoria Day Weekend for Key Campaign

With apologies, Dionne Warwick and Burt Bacharach, "do you know the way to Trout Lake-eh?"