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EOA 2014

Blog entry 148: Indian River Co-op shows members are I-Ching for change

"Simple abundance” could be the mantra of the good folks at Indian River Co-op, who have the distinction of becoming the 55th co-op community to let us know they’ve passed a resolution supporting the Key Campaign and sent it off to their elected officials.

Blog entry 147: Anskar Court Co-op reveals Lion’s Heart in showing some resolve

If you’ve ever been to Anskar Court Co-op in Burnaby, you’ll know it’s a family oriented co-op community that emphasizes fun. They’re also the 54th B.C. co-op to show some resolve by passing a resolution to support the You Hold the Key campaign.

Blog entry 146: The Force will be with you always -- if you show some resolve...

May the Fourth is, of course, Star Wars Day (based on the movie franchise’s most memorable catchphrase, “May the Force be with you”) and here at the Key Campaign we can’t help but draw a few analogies between the events long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away to what’s happening in Co-op Land right now. The Rebel Alliance of co-op housing federations, civic partners and other co-operative partners is engaged in a struggle to ensure that the end of operating agreements isn’t the Death Star of rent subsidies for low-income co-op housing members.

Blog entry 145: Key Campaign scores hat trick to hit 53 co-op mark

It was one of those manic Monday’s where every time we turn around (or check the in-box), it seems another co-op community has passed a resolution supporting the campaign. And on this Monday, you helped us score a hat trick with three (count ‘em — three!) co-ops letting us know they’d shown some resolve to help fix the co-op housing crunch (making it 53 co-ops on our list).

Blog entry 144: Edmonton rallies for Key Campaign, all eyes on Ottawa and Joe Oliver’s running shoes

One of the great things about the You Hold the Key Campaign is it’s a national effort to get governments to step up to the plate and help fix the co-op housing crunch. And the folks in Edmonton gathered at their city hall to ring the alarm bells for the 1,000 Albertan families at risk of losing their co-op homes as rent subsidies end. Check out what CHF Canada Regional Director Deryl Thompson had to say to CTV Edmonton.

Blog entry 143: Key Campaign scrabbles for the top as it celebrates quinquagenary mark

It’s only fitting that on National Scrabble Day the Key Campaign has hit the quinquagenary mark in the Show Some Resolve drive. Aside from being a boffo Scrabble word, quinquagenary celebrates the 50th milestone — something the Key Campaign has reached, thanks to co-op communities across B.C.

Blog entry 142: Laura Jamieson gives Key Campaign warm welcome in showing resolve

It was a packed house at Laura Jamieson Co-op on Wednesday and the common room was full of folks for their general meeting on a beautiful April evening. And since a resolution backing the campaign was near the top of the meeting agenda, the Key to the Co-op was there. We’re delighted to say that Laura Jamieson members passed the resolution unanimously (and enthusiastically), in the true spirit of the co-op’s namesake, Laura Jamieson — a pioneer of the women’s movement, MLA, civic councillor and judge, and advocate for the poor and the disadvantaged.

Blog entry 141: Haney Pioneer Village makes the news

If you want some insight into how a co-op community is coping with the end of subsidy, check out this article in the Maple Ridge News by Neil Corbett. The folks at Haney Pioneer Village talk about their fears and hopes as the clock ticks down to the end of their operating agreement in August.

Blog entry 140: Key campaign rocked by resolution revolution

We had one of those days at the Key Campaign where things moved faster than the Easter Bunny hiding eggs on Sunday sun-up. But like all bunnies' ability to multiply it seemed like we had barely heard the news about Lang Cove Housing Co-operative becoming number 42 to endorse the campaign than word came in that Cariboo Heights Co-op in Burnaby was number 43. We’d scarcely sat down before they were joined by La Petite Maison and Paloma Housing Co-ops.

Blog post 139: The answer to life, the universe, and everything...

Fans of the sci-fi series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams know how special the number 42 is — it’s the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything. The real mystery posed by Adams is “what’s the question?”