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EOA 2014

Blog entry 138: Haney Pioneer Village hosts Key Campaign

We have a line in one of our You Hold the Key Campaign presentations about it taking a village to raise a child and how co-ops are like big villages helping to educate our elected representatives on the co-op housing crunch. It’s not often we’re speaking to pretty much everyone in the co-op, but it sure felt like we were last Thursday when the Key Campaign made a stop in Maple Ridge at Haney Pioneer Village Co-op.

Blog entry 137: Committed Cameo Co-op backs Key Campaign

Cameo Co-op in scenic View Royal, just north of Victoria, is a lovely 63-household co-op committed to providing a safe, secure, affordable and sustainable co-operative community. And they showed that commitment — and some resolve — on Tuesday when their members approved a resolution supporting the You Hold the Key Campaign.

Blog entry 136: Creekside Co-op turns out to welcome Key Campaign

(NORTH VANCOUVER) A good group of folks turned out for the Key Campaign meeting at Creekside on Thursday to get more info on the co-op housing crunch and what they can do to help fix it.

A very smart, engaged group they were too. If I was Rich Coleman, I’d be bracing for a batch of letters with a North Vancouver post mark on them. And it looks like Creekside might just be the first co-op on the North Shore to pass the resolution supporting the Key Campaign — we’ll keep you posted...


Blog entry 135: Making a case for fixing the co-op housing crunch -- CHF BC/Canada stickering together

On the long and winding road that is the campaign trail, the Key to the Co-op has been all over the place, going to co-op communities, city halls, conferences, AGMs, and more. And since the Key is instrumental in the campaign’s success, we thought it only appropriate to take it to its next gig in a musical instrument case.

Blog entry 134: The Price is right as Sidney’s Mayor goes to bat Key Campaign

On Monday, the folks from Friendship Co-op in Sidney and CHF BC President Patty Shaw made a presentation to the town council and asked the mayor and council to support the Key Campaign. Much to our delight, Sidney Town Council passed a resolution endorsing the campaign right then and there. But Mayor Steve Price and council took it one step further and today (Friday) wrote to both Housing Minister Rich Coleman and his federal counterpart Candice Bergen urging them to fix the co-op housing crunch.

Blog entry 133: Show Some Resolve Drive hits 40 co-ops as Eight Oaks Co-op backs Key Campaign

From Andrew Pilliar of 8 Oaks Co-op in Vancouver:

“Hi there:

“Just wanted to let you know that the Board of 8 Oaks Housing Co-operative has passed a resolution (as of tonight) endorsing the You Hold the Key campaign.

“Yours truly, the 8 Oaks Board”

Blog entry 130: Number 39 makes Key Show Some Resolve!” Drive card-carrying member of Utopia (sort of)

The number 39 has all sorts of significance aside from being Jack Benny’s perennial age. For instance, in the popular kids’ card game of Yu-Gi-Oh! the Number 39 is “Utopia.”

I’m pretty sure Robson Park Co-op in East Van has elements of a Utopia  certainly they have met the ideal cherished by the Key Campaign by being the 39th BC housing co-op to pass a resolution supporting the campaign.

Blog entry 129: Creekside Co-op hosts Key Campaign event as “Show Some Resolve!” Drive revs up

The folks at Creekside Co-op in North Vancouver are the latest to invite the Key Campaign to come to their community. So the Key to the Co-op will be making the trek across the bridge on March 19 to give an update to the co-op’s members on the campaign and our “Show Some Resolve!” Drive. How does the co-op housing crunch affect co-ops on the North Shore?

Blog entry 128: Friendship Co-op shows resolve and becomes the talk of the town hall

The great thing about showing some resolve and passing the resolution supporting the You Hold the Key Campaign and sending it out to your elected officials is you never know what it can lead to. For Friendship Co-op in sunny Sidney on Vancouver Island, it led to an invitation to speak before council to explain the co-op housing crunch.

And that’s just what they’re going to do on March 16, along with CHF BC President Patty Shaw. They’ll be the talk of the town hall.

Blog entry 127: Heritage Co-op becomes Number 35 in bid to prevent most vulnerable members from being shut out

It’s NHL trade Deadline Day and only appropriate we use a hockey metaphor for this post. The number 35 is a significant one, especially for supporters of both the Key Campaign and, well, hockey fans. Love him or hate him, Chicago Blackhawks goalie Tony (“Tony O”) Esposito wore number 35 and during a long, distinguished hockey career, set a number of records for shut outs. So it’s significant that Heritage Co-op in the Vancouver neighbourhood of Fairview Slopes has become co-op number 35 in B.C.