Catherine Frost

Catherine Frost is currently Co-chair of Arbutus Housing Co-op. where she has been a member since 2008. She has served 3 terms on the Board of Directors during this time, and is familiar with a variety of issues facing housing co-operatives in today’s economy.   Catherine also has past experience (2001-2002) as Co-op Co-ordinator during transition at Desert Breeze Housing Co-op in Kelowna BC.

Employed as a Licensed Rental Property Manager and Controller for a small asset / property management company, Catherine deals with rental housing financial and practical issues on a daily bais. She has over 30 years experience in the Property Management, Human Resources and Entertainment industries.

Catherine and her spouse, Terry enjoy raising their now 12 year old daughter together at Arbutus Co-op. They deeply appreciate the quality of home, sense of extended family and enduring friendships that surround them in their co-op community.

Catherine’s particular concerns include how skyrocketing housing costs will impact Co-op housing charges unless current policies are amended; as well as ‘Growing In Place’ exploring housing options for youth / young adults when first leaving the nest, and ‘Aging in Place’ exploring solutions for older members as their needs start to change.