Election Central - 2013

The provincial election is on May 14, 2013.

In the lead up to the provincial election, CHF BC members are telling all parties and candidates that they hold the key to maintaining long-term rent assistance for low-income co-op members when federal housing agreements end. They're asking candidates and elected officials at all levels of government to sign a pledge to show they've heard the message and will do what they can to help. 

You can check back for the latest news, find out about our election campaign events, and read our blog. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter - and spread the word!  See messages from our members here and on our YouTube channel.

What you can do:

Speak up during the election campaign and let candidates know about the many
benefits of co-operative housing, including:
  • Safe, secure housing in diverse, mixed-income communities.
  • Civic engagement: co-op members get involved in the broader community.
Get involved
  1. Talk! To your candidates—find out where they stand.
  2. Text, tweet, write! Your candidates, media outlets, your friends on social media.Let them know what’s at stake.
  3. Attend! Go to all candidates meetings and ask questions.
  4. Tell us what you learn! Start a conversation on our Facebook page or BC Talk or send us an email.
  5. Sign on the line! Get your candidate and other co-op allies to sign the pledge to support our goals.