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22 January 2016
The Key Campaign Team is on the road and in the thick of the federal government’s Budget 2016 consultation process. They were front and center at the Surrey Board of Trade breakfast with... Read more
20 October 2015
Folks, Sheriff Don is mighty proud of ya! We asked you to round up a co-op posse and get as many members as possible to the polls to vote for candidates who support the You Hold the Key campaign.... Read more
16 October 2015
With Election Night just four days away, it’s time you organized your Co-op Posse to round up as many members as possible and get them down to the polls to vote. Not sure how to rustle up your... Read more
15 October 2015
Had a great time at the Vancouver Island Council Meeting last night -- the good folks there rustled up a Co-op Posse to make sure we get a stampede of folks to the polls on Oct. 19. Now we’re... Read more
14 October 2015
Want to know how to round up a whole passel of co-op voters and ensure they make it to the polls on Oct. 19? Then mosey on down to the Vancouver Island Council Meeting tonight at the Howard Johnson... Read more
13 October 2015
Say “Greenland” and you might conjure up visions of glacier-choked fjords and that famous icecap. But there’s no warmer community than Greenland Co-op in Richmond and that’s a... Read more
8 October 2015
You might be busy working on Election Day. Or something might come up that keeps you from the polls. If you’ve already made up your mind to vote, don’t wait! Advance... Read more
7 October 2015
If you want proof that the You Hold the Key campaign is on the election agenda, just look at all the ink, air, pixels and streaming video coverage being generated by our campaign to protect our most... Read more
6 October 2015
The list of federal candidates weighing in on where they stand on the co-op housing crunch continues to grow. CHC BC Director Yuri Artibise was front and centre at the Federal Election Forum on Urban... Read more
5 October 2015
If you’ve already made your mind up and are ready to and you just can’t wait until Election Day, you’re in luck. Advance Polling starts Oct. 9 and runs until Oct... Read more