These co-ops have passed a resolution supporting the You Hold the Key Campaign. One hundred-and-fifteen co-ops (and 7,014 households) so far! Is your co-op on this list?


Aaron Webster, Access Co-op, Alder Bay Co-op, Alexander Street, Alexander Laidlaw Co-op, Amicae Co-op, Anita Lewis Co-op, Anskar Court Co-op, Athletes Village Co-op, Arbutus Co-op


Bakerview Co-op, Benryk Mews Co-op, Brooksford Place Co-op, Bowen Island Seniors Co-op, Brambles Co-op, Burlington Heights Co-op, Byrne Creek Co-op


Cameo Co-op, Cariboo Heights Co-op, Centennial Park Co-op, Chances Co-op, Charles Square Co-op, Charleston Terrace Co-op, China Creek Co-op, City Edge Co-op, Connaught Co-op, Creekside Co-op


De Cosmos Co-op, Delta Green Co-op, Domego Co-op


Eburne Landing Co-op, Eight Oaks Co-op, Emma G Co-op


Falcon Crest Estates Co-op, False Creek Co-op, Ford Road Co-op, Four Sisters Co-op, Friendship Co-op


Garden Court, Garry Point Co-op, Grandview Co-op, Granville Gardens Co-op, Greenland Co-op


H.W. Flesher Co-op, Halston Hills Co-op, Haney Pioneer Co-op, Heritage Co-op, Heron Court Co-op, Hillside Place Co-op, Hunter Hill Co-op


Indian River Co-op


Jasmine Place Co-op


Kailasa Co-op, Killarney Gardens Co-op, Kinross Creek Co-op, Klahanie Co-op, Krisineleos Co-op


La Petite Maison Co-op, Lakewood Terrace Co-op, Lang Cove Co-op, Laura Jamieson Co-op, Lore Krill Co-op


Marine Court Co-op, Mariner Cove Co-op, Marpole Terrace Co-op, Mau Dan Gardens Co-op, Mayflower Co-op, Misty Ridge Co-op, Mitraniketan Co-op, Mosquito Creek Co-op, Mountain View Co-op


New Westminster Co-op, Noons Creek Co-op, Norman Bethune Co-op, Northern Way Co-op


Pacific Heights Co-op, Paloma Co-op, Penta Co-op, Pine Ridge Co-op, Pioneer Co-op, Post 83 Co-op


Quebec Manor Co-op, Queens Park Co-op


Richmond Heights Co-op, Rising Star Co-op, Rivers End Co-op, River Mist Co-op, Riverside Landing Co-op, Robert Owen Co-op, Robson Park Co-op


Salal Co-op, Seawalk Co-op, Sitka Co-op, Sojourn Co-op, Spectrum Co-op, Spring Ridge Co-op, Spruce Co-op, Still Creek Co-op, Sundune Co-op, Sunset Point Co-op, Superior Street Co-op, Synala Co-op


Terra Nova Co-op, Trout Lake Co-op, Twin Rainbows Co-op,Tyee Co-op


Vancouver East Co-op, View Court Co-op


Waldon Place Co-op, Watershed Co-op, Westerdale Co-op, Westminster Landing Co-op, Westwood Co-op, Whattlekainum Co-op, WISHS Co-op

If your co-op is not on this list yet:

  1. Download the model resolution and ask your co-op to pass it.
  2. Then please send a copy of your resolution to your elected representatives.
  3. Let us know and we'll add your co-op to the list. Email us at: Send us a scan of your resolution and well include that too.

See all the municipalities that have "held the key" and supported our campaign.

See all the co-op management companies that have "held the key" and supported our campaign.