Blog entry 107: From peak experience to valley resolution, co-ops hold the key!

The Key Campaign had another peak experience this week — fittingly at the foot of the mountains at Mount Seymour Park Housing Co-op. Representatives from over half of the North Shore’s nine housing co-ops were at a lively meeting to discuss how we can all work together to help fix the co-op housing crunch. There was even a photographer from the North Shore News snapping pictures as campaign team (including CHF BC Executive Director Thom Armstrong) and the audience discussed the most effective means of protecting our most vulnerable members who face the loss of rent support that makes their housing affordable.

And from that peak experience, we moved on to a valley resolution — no, not the Apple Valley Resolution Run in Minnesota. But just as determined as those long-distance runners down in the Gopher State, Brooksford Place Co-op in Abbotsford sent us a note to let us know they passed the resolution supporting the campaign. That makes them the 27th BC housing co-op to go to bat for our most vulnerable members — seniors, low-income households, single parents and others.

Why not follow their lead and show some resolve

Photo: long-time members of North Vancouver's Creekside Co-op Dianne Brubaker (also a CHF BC director) and Kathy Brett hold the key at the North Vancouver Key Campaign meeting on November 10 at Mount Seymour Park Co-op.