Blog entry 111: Key Campaign scores triple, delegates hit homerun at AGM Member Forum

Christmas came early for the Key Campaign, thanks to the dedicated co-op members who packed the Executive Hotel in Burnaby at the CHF BC AGM. The campaign scored a triple at the Member Forum with an uplifting update, the premiere of a new video on the co-op housing crunch and then seeing the resolution supporting the Key Campaign passed unanimously by the CHF BC delegates.

Then the delegates themselves hit it out of the park when it was time for their close-up. We asked them to stand up in front of the camera and finish a few sentences about how the campaign has to succeed, how happy they’ll be when it does and what the consequences would be if there’s no solution to the co-op housing crunch. Here's that companion video.

And it’s not too late for you to get in on the action: how about following the delegates’ example and getting your co-op to vote to support the Key Campaign? We’d love to get as many co-ops as possible to pass the resolution before Christmas, so be a Santa’s Co-op Helper and create a little Holiday Season magic for our most vulnerable members.