Co-op Week 2017

Co-op Week in Canada runs from October 15 to 21. How are you celebrating? What do you know about co-ops?

  1. Did you know there are over 9,000 co-operatives, credit unions, and mutual insurance companies in Canada? Other than housing co-ops and credit unions, how many co-ops can you name?
  2. Other than housing coops and credit unions, how many coops in Canada can you name? See the full list.
  3. Canadian co-operatives have over 18 million members and employ more than 150,000 people. Learn more.
  4. Did you know: There are over 2.6 million co-ops in the world with about 1 billion members

Watch here for some more surprising facts and figures about co-ops all this week!

Learn more about Co-op Week and download colourful Co-op Week posters.

Event Date: 
October 21, 2017
Event Time: 
October 15 to 21