Meeting of Co-ops with Short-Term and Ground Rent Leases with the City of Vancouver

CHF BC hosted a pair of meetings in the summer, inviting co-ops with City of Vancouver leases to discuss issues around short-term leases (lasting 40 or 41 years) and ground-rent leases. We've scheduled a follow-up meeting for November 19 at 7 pm.

Representatives from the following co-ops are invited to attend:

  1. Access Co-op
  2. Amicae Co-op
  3. Cedar Mill Co-op
  4. Creekview Co-op
  5. Dunbar Village Co-op
  6. Eight Oaks Co-op
  7. Four Sisters Co-op
  8. Grace MacInnis Co-op
  9. Helen's Court Co-op
  10. Heritage Co-op
  11. La Petite Maison Co-op
  12. Maple Creek Co-op
  13. Marina Co-op
  14. Marpole Terrace Co-op
  15. Northern Way Co-op
  16. Pacific Heights Co-op
  17. Paloma Co-op
  18. Penta Co-op
  19. Rising Star Co-op
  20. Vera Co-op

Letters were sent to the boards of directors of these co-ops on November 4. We ask co-ops to designate one or two representatives only (so that there's room for all co-ops to participate). Please register your co-op representatives' names with Michael Rodgers (email: tel:604-343-2356), by the end of November 16.

Note: meetings for co-ops with longer-term City of Vancouver leases (typically 60 years) will be scheduled next.

Contact Name: 
Michael Rodgers
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 
Event Date: 
November 19, 2015
Event Time: 
7 pm
CHF BC Conference Room (220-1651 Commercial Drive)

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