Blog eighteen: Campaign wins media trifecta as EOA issues saturate airwaves

If you’re a co-op member dreaming of the day the mainstream media would finally jump on the campaign’s issues, you just won the media trifecta. It’s not every day a non-profit organization can say it has positive stories on radio, TV and in print, but that’s what you’ll see and hear today. Stories coming out of our fantastic, standing-room-only meeting at Halston Hills Co-op are on CKWX News1130 (on air and on the station website), CBC Vancouver’s “Weekend News” and in Vancouver Metro. That means tens of thousands of listeners and readers are learning about the challenges co-op communities face as their government support ends and the plight of low-income co-op members like seniors, the disabled and single-parents. It’s a weekend feast if you feel like being a bit of a couch potato. So dig in!
Compare that to Metro News

…and for good measure, see CBC TV.
Thanks once again to our friends at Halston Hills for hosting such a wonderful, news-making event. Perhaps it’s no wonder a media feeding frenzy followed a meeting with so many key and puzzle-shaped cookies (not to mention the samosas…).