Blog Eight: Vancouver Island meeting sees full house fear empty house(s)

(SAANICH) Full house here tonight to discuss the prospect of empty houses. There are over 30 people at the Vancouver Island Council meeting, including representatives from co-ops from all over the Victoria area: Pioneer, Tyee, Kailasa, Sewalk, Four Mile Heights, Washington, Orchard Green, Craigflower, Pheasant Meadows and Cameo. It’s a special night because these folks have come out to find out more about CHF BC's You Hold the Key Campaign. And to find their piece of the puzzle...

This is our second puzzle event where members decorate giant puzzle pieces to express their hopes and fears about what the end of co-op operating agreements and loss of subsidy will mean to them and their co-ops. They worked hard, discussed their hopes and fears and even had a little fun. Here are some of the results:

“Homelessness costs more than RGI funding.”

“3000 to one: who will win? Co-ops, of course!”

“Co-ops and subsides are about:

H aving

E veryone

L iving in

P rotection”

“Dear Mr. Coleman,

Single moms, seniors, disabled, families affected. Have a heart! Subsidies = Strong, Healthy Community.”

“I have an idea: Subsidize co-ops!”

Memo to Rich Coleman: I suspect you’ll be getting a lot of tweets, emails and letters in the near future on this issue. If you happen to be reading this, please feel free to check out our news piece.

Please feel free to check it out even if you’re not Rich Coleman. And do check out the “What you can do” section of our campaign website. There’s more than one way to send the provincial government a clear message that co-ops whose operating agreements are ending need help!