Blog Nineteen: Campaign news happening in Burnaby NOW – right now!

The all-Burnaby Co-ops meeting at Halston Hills Co-op is still a hot topic over at the Burnaby NOW newspaper.  Great story featuring Lil Cameron, HH co-op president in today’s paper. 

It’s great to see the media picking up on the plight of seniors, the disabled and single-parent co-op members who rely on rent subsidies to make their homes affordable. So far this year, we’ve seen stories on campaign issues in or on:

CKWX News1130

CBC TV Vancouver “Weekend News”

Metro Vancouver

The Globe and Mail

Global News

Burnaby NOW

Burnaby Newsleader

CBC Radio’s “On the Coast”

Vancouver Co-op Radio’s “Red Eye”

Royal City Record

The Tyee

Stay tuned – there will be more to follow as the campaign ramps up. There may be more in Wednesday’s Metro. And a little bird tells me Friday is gonna be a good, good day for the campaign...